L’Oreal Magic Blur Moisturiser

Irina from I’ll Take it All was so kind to send me this brand-new L’Oreal product to review after I saw it on her Instagram. The whole Magic Blur range was hovering on my radar because I’ve seen it mentioned on YouTube, and I was itching to give it a try. Products which “photoshop” your skin by blurring visible imperfections like fine lines and pores are popping up all over the place lately, Nanoblur being the first that I can recall. So here are my thoughts!


Firstly, L’Oreal has both a Revitalift Magic Blur Blurring + Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and a Magic Blur Finishing Cream. I have the moisturiser, and it is targeted at women in their 40s and 50s. I’m only 32 but hey, who doesn’t want a bit of imperfection blurring? The first thing that struck me about this moisturiser is that it looks and behaves almost identically to the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. The red packaging is reminiscent and the actual colour and texture of the cream is about 95% the same. This is good news for anyone who wants to try the Clarins primer without the price tag.

The word of Caution…

It doesn’t feel at all like a moisturiser and in fact doesn’t feel as though it is doing much hydrating. If your skin is on the slightly drier side like mine it isn’t sufficient as a moisturiser and you need to add one underneath. It also smells a bit unpleasant to me. I’ve been using it as a primer, but not every day because it works better under certain more hydrating foundation products than others. Some just don’t sit well on top of it. I have even gone a few days wearing it on its own with concealer. The braveness, I know…


On a happy note…

What I really like about this product is that it does in fact work! The opti-blur technology really does make my skin look smoother and does a good job of making pores and fine lines less visible. It doesn’t really even out skin tone so I do need a bit of coverage, but I like to use this with my Stila CC cream which is a light coverage base with very moisturising properties. Any tinted moisturiser, BB cream or hydrating foundation would work well over this. I find I use a lot less CC cream/foundation when I use this as a primer because I feel I have less to cover up. It made me feel brave enough to leave the house with only concealer on…the tricks these optical illusions play on your mind! Haha.

The texture is interesting as it has a mattifying effect and feels as if it dries immediately on application. You can’t really see or feel it on the skin when you smooth it on, which sounds odd but is the best way I can describe it. You can get the L’Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Anti-Ageing Moisturiser at Clicks for R199. Alternatively you can try the Magic Blur Finishing Cream which is designed to use over your moisturiser for that magic blurring effect.


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