My Chanel Reflets d’Ete Mini Haul

A while back I started noticing pictures of the upcoming Chanel summer collection (see pictures on my Wishing Wednesday post here) and the cream blush really caught my eye. It is precisely the colour of putty, which should be off-putting, but something about it made me want it. Of the three illusion d’ombre eyeshadows included two were really made-for-me colours, a bronze gold and a copper brown. These are colours which I love wearing in winter because I wear a lot of brown, so I think they would work throughout the year. Making them total value for money, right? Right.


So like the die-hard little makeup junkie that I am, off I went to Chanel a few days after the collection launched and I got the cream blush in cheeky and one of the illusion d’ombres, new moon.

Cheeky is a really unique colour which looks unimpressive in the compact and not that wonderful when swatched, but looks lovely on the cheeks. It is described as a rose bronze which sums it up pretty well. Being pale I can use it as a bronzer or a blush and even contour lightly with it. As a bronzer it is more red-toned than what I would usually go for, but it works because it is very subtle once blended out. It blends very sheer but can obviously be built up. The Chanel cream blush is a really good formula which lasts well, isn’t too dewy but isn’t powdery either.

Chanel Cheeky

New Moon was love at first sight. This is the sparkler of the three illusion d’ombres. The other two are metallic and shimmery but New Moon contains a lot of glitter. It won’t be up everyone’s alley but I adore it. The colour is a beautiful copper brown and the spongy formula can be applied with your finger and blended out in a matter of seconds, and can be sheer or built up.

Chanel New Moon

If you’re looking for a cream eyeshadow which is more affordable I can suggest the Almay Softies which have a similar spongy texture. None of them contain the same crushed diamonds though (okay I’m kidding, Chanel doesn’t include actual diamonds, but it sure looks like it. And costs like it). The exchange rate has caused the Chanel prices to skyrocket and you’re now looking at R535 for a cream blush and R460 for an illusion d’ombre.





3 thoughts on “My Chanel Reflets d’Ete Mini Haul

  1. Julie says:

    I absolutely love New Moon! I must have completely missed Cheeky, but I saw someone else talking about this today, so I think it’s a sign that I need to go have a look, because I love the Chanel Cream Blush formula!

  2. Melinda says:

    I’m dying to get my hands on New Moon! I’ve asked the sales ladies to keep one for me when they receive new stock. Fell so hard for that illusion d’ombre (Oh and I’m a book blogger who has a penchant for Chanel. Anything Chanel!)

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