My Dermaceutic milk peel at Ageless Faces

I have never been for any kind of peel before, so I was intrigued when I got the opportunity to try the Dermaceutic milk peel at Ageless Faces. It has now been a week since my peel and I am really happy with the results. I will definitely be booking another one next month and the benefits are cumulative and a course of four treatments is recommended. Ageless Faces is situated in Cavendish Street, Claremont, and offers a range of treatments like peels, facials, botox, tanning, lash extensions, waxing and threading and even oxygen therapy.


 When I arrived Lesil started by cleansing my face with Dermaceutic cleanser and applying Vaseline to more sensitive areas such as the corners of the eyes, mouth and nose. The Dermaceutic milk peel uses AHAs and BHAs – lactic, glycolic and salicyclic acids if I remember them correctly – to exfoliate the upper layer of the skin. This refines the texture of the skin and reduces pore size, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles etc. and stimulates the production of collagen.

The cosmeceutical products on sale, including the Dermaceutic range

The cosmeceutical products on sale, including the Dermaceutic range

When the actual peel was applied I have to admit it did sting a lot – Lesil kind of summed it up when she referred to “fire ants” – but this will depend on how your skin reacts to active ingredients, how it is prepped and whether you’ve had peels before. The peel was only left on for two minutes, during which time my face was lightly tapped with fingertips to help alleviate the sting. The whole thing is completely bearable considering it was only two short minutes, and as soon as the peel was removed the sting disappeared. Then I was rewarded by a lovely face massage using Hyal Ceutic which contains 5.5% hyaluronic acid, 10% aloe vera extract, jojoba oil and vitamin E. It was so nice and soothing that I wouldn’t mind a peel of double the duration for the treat at the end.


Treatment room at Ageless Faces

This isn’t a pampering kind of treatment in general, but you can have a facial included afterwards if you’ve got the time. Otherwise you could fit this treatment into your lunch break. I was fully expecting to be a red as a lobster, but  I had hardly any redness immediately afterwards and opted to have some mineral makeup applied to even out pink spots. I was really impressed with how bright my skin looked too, and still a week later I feel like my skin is brighter and smoother.

Later in the day I did develop a lot of redness on my chin and either side of my nose, but that had disappeared by the following morning. My skin is usually quite sensitive to active ingredients and prone to redness, so it does depend on your particular skin. I noticed that the congestion around my chin was really improved and the red marks from past blemishes had faded significantly. I also think the pores on my nose are much less noticeable. For a few days afterwards I did have a dry, flaky area on either cheek near my nose, but with extra moisturising it did correct itself in a few days. I was given samples of Dermaceutic’s Hyal Ceutic and Regen Ceutic to use following the peel. It is also vital to use good sun protection afterwards as glycolic acid increases sun sensitivity.

You know how they say you forget the pain of childbirth? Well that’s a lie. I still remember every second. The sting of the milk peel, however, I’ve completely forgotten and I will be booking a follow-up peel next month. The milk peel costs R420 at Ageless Faces,


A big thank you to Lesil from Ageless Faces and Justine and Sam from Conquest for organising my Dermaceutic milk peel! I think I’ve been bitten by the bug (and no, I don’t mean the fire ants…) and look forward to all my future peels.


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