Review of Trichotin Hair Regenesis

I’ve finished my two months supply of Trichotin and as promised in my original post (here) I am back with my final review of Trichotin Hair Regenesis supplements. I am terrible about taking tablets generally (I recently forgot to take my thyroid medication for a week…gasp) but it has been a pleasureΒ taking these. I like that it is a simple one tablet a dayΒ routine, and I feel that I am really gaining visible benefits along with the internal, unseen ones. I’m sorry this is a particularly word-heavy post, but I wanted to give a proper, detailed opinion of the results.


I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin over the past two months. I have experienced a huge reduction in breakouts and an improvement in the appearance of my skin in general. My nails have also changed significantly. They were very weak and tended to peel before, which really enabled my nail biting. They are now so strong that I can’t bend them the way I used to, no longer flake or peel, and I’ve noticed that they grow a lot faster. This has been the biggest encouragement for me to stop biting my nails. Seeing visible growth so quickly was a real motivator, and I have “normal” nails for the first time in a very long time.

Although these supplements are primarily intended for hair, I can’t say whether my hair has improved or not because I haven’t seen my natural hair since 1999! Regrowth is persona non grata around here. I also have a lot of thick hair and could probably lose half of it without noticing. What I can say is that I have definitely experienced a lot less hair fall. The ball of hair I’m left with in the shower after washing my hair is pretty non-existent, whereas before I could probably have constructed a bird’s nest out of it. I also don’t get as many stray hairs sticking to the back of my jacket – you know the ones your friends kindly pick off for you? So I am convinced that if you do suffer from hair loss Trichotin can make a noticeable difference in that regard. All in all I would give Trichotin two thumbs up for its effectiveness. Even if you don’t struggle with your hair, it is worth considering for the benefits to skin and nails as well.


One thought on “Review of Trichotin Hair Regenesis

  1. shanel says:

    Hi I’ve been takin trichotin for four months now I did notice my nails stopped pealing I didn’t realy notice any hair growth I stopped taking the tablets for two weeks and I notice that I can see part of my scalp did any one of you experience this I’m not happy with this product

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