Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation Review

I was offered the Oxygenetix foundation to review by Conquest after I had my Dermaceutic milk peel, and this was something I looked forward to testing immensely. Oxygenetix is different to other foundations you would buy in store because it offers a breathable formula described as “good skincare that just happens to be makeup”. Designed for use after cosmetic surgery and medical skin treatments, it claims to be like a second skin, offer full coverage, be water resistant and suitable for even the most sensitive or acne prone skins. That sounds like the holy grail every woman is searching for, doesn’t it?



I want to start and finish by saying that I do love this foundation. The second skin claims are absolutely correct – this is the most skin-like foundation I have ever worn and it literally looks like you’re wearing nothing on your skin. It is a matte foundation without looking flat or dull and just disappears into your skin like magic. The texture and application are my favourite aspects of it. It comes in a very wide range of colours (either blue-based or yellow-based) and the shade I have, pearl, is literally the exact colour of my skin. So the shade is the best match for my skin tone I’ve found in any foundation to date.

Oxygenetix color chart

As an everyday foundation I did have a few issues with it though. Firstly, it claims to offer full coverage, but even though it is buildable I only really achieved more of a medium coverage. I still needed to conceal blemishes afterwards, for example. No train smash. It might just be my method of application. The biggest issue I had was that my t-zone got quite oily using this foundation and by mid-day it had more or less melted off this area. So the longevity just wasn’t there. On the other hand, normally if you get an oily t-zone you can’t just slap more foundation over the top without going cakey – but with this foundation you can literally add more to an oily t-zone and it mattes it down again while still looking completely natural, which is quite unusual and a bonus if you don’t mind reapplying halfway through the day. I found it lasted fine with primer and setting powder, but then obviously you aren’t really getting the true benefit of the breathable formula.


There are so many benefits to a truly breathable foundation that contains Ceravitea, a technology that builds connective tissue and collagen, stimulates cell production and aids healing. If you have regular medical grade skin treatments like peels or microdermabrasion etc. or have very sensitive skin, then this would be the perfect match for you and definitely worth the R800 price tag. As an everyday foundation it is pricey, and for this price I would expect the longevity to be unrivalled. But as I said at the beginning I do love this foundation because it takes the term “second skin” to another level and looks so beautiful on the skin. And I feel that a foundation which actually helps your skin to heal and improve is something special.

Oxygenetix is available in Cape Town at Chelsea Aesthetic Clinic in Wynberg, Masckara in Table View or Body Aesthetics in Oude Westhof, Durbanville. Or you can contact Sam at Conquest on 021-5564199.


2 thoughts on “Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation Review

  1. Lauren says:

    Im still in the testing stage of it – am honestly in 2 minds about it though! I got the colour creme which is a little too light but it was either that option or one shade darker that was *too* dark

  2. Mother City Mom says:

    I agree, I was also on the fence. I wanted to convey a balanced view, that there are aspects I adore about it and things which I felt let it down. I thought about it for a long time and decided my initial reaction of “OMG I love this stuff!!” still stands, but I wanted to write about the disappointing aspects too. I do like it, but personally feel there are foundations half the price like Tarte full coverage 12 hour foundation which are actually full coverage and last 12 hours.

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