The Daily Dish + Giveaway

I just had a bit of a life-changing experience week before last! I actually love cooking, but I find it seriously difficult to come up with meal ideas every day and between my work, my blog, being a mom and life’s other challenges I find very little time to actually cook proper food. Microwave meals, frozen food and boerewors rolls pretty much sum up my repertoire.

So when I got the chance to try Daily Dish, a service that delivers all the fresh ingredients and recipes you need for four weekday meals straight to your door on a Monday,,,I was seriously like “where has this been all my life??” It was a surprise creating something totally new every day and it really brought the fun back into cooking for me. This post might seem a bit long, but read it. It could change your life forever…and there is something special at the end (nudge wink).


Everything you need arrives neatly labelled and measured out, and the menu changes every week. There is also the option of a classic menu, a low-carb menu and a vegetarian menu. I chose the classic menu which for that week consisted of pork medallions in sweet sherry sauce, spaghetti puttanesca, chicken and chilli jam stir fry, and lentil casserole.


These recipes are obviously very well tried and tested beforehand, because every one was really delicious, to the point where I couldn’t believe I had actually cooked something that tasty. My husband loved the chicken stir fry with basmati rice so much that the ate the entire thing (intended for two people) without leaving me a scrap, which should have annoyed me but instead I felt quite proud of my cooking! Even Miss Fusspot (aka The Moo) who normally eats nothing but chicken nuggets ate a bit of something from each dish, which is saying a lot. I have since bought the spaghetti puttanesca ingredients in bulk and have made it about three more times…sorry Mr Atkins.

chicken and sweet chilli jam stir fry

The dish I couldn’t taste because Mr Goldilocks ate it all

Time-wise it took me between 30 minutes and an hour to make each meal. Having everything measured out was a huge help, but there was quite a bit of prep work in chopping the fresh veg etc, Normally I would just dump in a bunch of frozen veggies, but the difference the fresh ingredients made to the food was really phenomenal and totally worth it. The recipes are beautifully printed too, perfect for filing and creating your own special cook book.

To give you an idea of price, the classic menu is R850 for 4 people or R590 for two, which works out to R53/R74 per plate of food. I chose the two person option and it actually fed two adults and a child, and in the case of the casserole could have fed three adults easily. If you work out the amount you spend on monthly groceries, the time the planning and shopping takes, you would find this is actually a really well priced service. You can choose whether or not to order for the following week by 4pm Wednesday. There are no obligations on registering and you could for instance order the service one or two weeks a month and skip weeks when you want to. I will definitely be ordering this service again!

You can click on their logo below to see next week’s menus, read up about the service and where it is offered, or register and become a soon-to-be-very-happy Daily Dish subscriber.

DailyDishLogoDaily Dish has been kind enough to offer three readers the chance to win a menu of their choice for a week. If you would love to try this yourself, just leave a comment below telling me what your favourite meal is to cook and your email address, and share this post using the share buttons below. This is open to readers in the Cape Town and Jo’burg/Pretoria region only.

Good luck! Giveaway ends 1st September.

And the winners are Kristi Beitz, Tracy Jacobs and Kim Gush. Congrats!


42 thoughts on “The Daily Dish + Giveaway

  1. geewhiskerscharlene says:

    I love making proper bolognaise sauce from scratch…anything with pasta is a favourite for me. But with JP’s special dietary requirements I do a lot of steaks with veggies. I miss making a heart, comforting bowl of pasta!

  2. Mandi April says:

    As a newly married I’m kind of trying out a variety of dishes, but my absolute favourite is lamb curry with lots of coriander sprinkled on top.

  3. Tannith Hechter says:

    My baboti-with-a-difference is my favourite to cook, and my family’s favourite to eat! It is a baboti mince covered with sweet apple, then topped with a divine cheesy crust.

  4. creativ12 says:

    Asian style Chicken in the microwave, pesto pasta and chocolate cake… Thats food right I mean the chocolate cake 😛

  5. Linda Bulcraig says:

    Oh wow Bronwyn, I love this idea, have seen it on a few blogs and it looks amazing! My favourite meal to cook is chicken curry (when I have to the time) which is hardly ever.

  6. CharlieW says:

    This is an amazing giveaway!! I like to cook… when I have time. Lasagna is my favourite dish to make… but hubby sometimes has to settle for fish fingers and mashed potatoes. He won’t have reason to complain (for a little while at least) if I win this! Fingers crossed!

  7. Claudz (@Claudz) says:

    I’ve been looking at Daily Dish and I’m keen to try it out. I love cooking and plan my meals in advance (easier to stay organised!) so this fits in nicely with my life.
    I love cooking a Thai Green Curry. It’s my go to dish and I always have the ingredients in the cupboard.

  8. Natashia Sam says:

    Chicken Pasta in a nice creamy sauce is my favorite dish, just does not happen often because of time ( with an 8 month old you do not have much time lol )

  9. Kim Gush says:

    Oh man, such a kiff concept – especially starting up a business and now start Crossfit, my love for cooking has taken a backseat as there’s just NO time to go to the store. I absolutely love experimenting with the spicier foods, like Mexican and Indian, and a fave dish of mine, to cook AND eat (hah) is my popular Ostrich Chilli Con Carne. Mexican nights are the best!

    • Kim Gush says:

      Oh man, such a kiff concept – especially starting up a business and now start Crossfit, my love for cooking has taken a backseat as there’s just NO time to go to the store. I absolutely love experimenting with the spicier foods, like Mexican and Indian, and a fave dish of mine, to cook AND eat (hah) is my popular Ostrich Chilli Con Carne. Mexican nights are the best! – show a struggling artist some love yo! 😉

  10. Lizemari says:

    my absolute favourite dish is my hearty lasagne! hubby loves it and we make a big dish and freeze for office lunches.

  11. Ursula (@Urkila) says:

    I am committed to make a change and for the better. Have done paleo and now trying the zone. ITS so much prep that goes into it and making time for work and squeezing in yoga and crossfit…it become tiring! WOULD love this! Everything sounds amazing !!! I want to make them ALL! = )

  12. Sarah-The Mommy City says:

    Thinking of meal ideas is the hardest part for me and then not spending too much time in the kitchen cooking them whilst looking after 2 kids. We love making roasts, whether chicken, beef or pork, whatever is the nicest piece of meat we can find on the day and then lots of roast potatoes, gravy, veg and if I’m feeling up to it – Yorkshire pudding. Yum! The menus and pre-portioned ingredients would be a great time saver.

  13. Lynn Nieuwenhuys-Botha says:

    I love making lasagne, definitely my favourite meal to cook. Thankfully its a family favourite too. The daily dish meals look amazing. Would love to give them a try. Working full day and having 2 young toddlers, there really isn’t time for running to the shop before fetching g kids and then cooking a gourmet meal. This would make life so much easier.

  14. Kristi Beitz says:

    ooh this looks like such an amazing prize and intiative really!!

    i *love* making quinoa salad with mozzarella, baby tomatoes, & basil – it’s super healthy (quinoa is a super food!) and so yum!! i not only got my super picky husband to eat it and love it, but a 4 year old girl as well! it’s also super easy and quick to make but shh – we won’t tell them that!! 😛

  15. Hildegarde says:

    I love cooking different types of meals, but because I have a full time job and a household to run, I normally end up making a one-pot dish such as a stew or a curry (which the husband thankfully loves!). Winning this would make my life so much easier, eek!

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