Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer

This year my skin has definitely become more combination. and anyone who gets a shiny t-zone by midday will agree that it is quite annoying. I’ve been searching all year for just the right mattifying primer. I’ve tried the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer and the Clinique Superprimer, and while I liked both, especially the Clinique one, I found it slightly powdery. So the last time I had an Edgars voucher I decided to dive in and get the Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer (what a mouthful…!). Dive in isn’t quite the truth, I would say I was pushed in by the very convincing consultant.

Dior Pore Minimizer

This primer is very similar to the two mentioned above, but has more of a lotion texture than the Clinique which is quite a thick cream which turns a bit powdery on application. I tried some on my hand and was really impressed with how it smoothed over lines and pores. It has a light pearly pink tint which keeps skin looking alive, but has a matte finish without being drying at all. I’m not kidding when I say it really evens things out. It’s full of silicone, so if you’re intolerant then you had better stay off it. Oh, and the pump dispenser is so useful and the opposite of Chanel’s ridiculous Le Blanc packaging.

This pump with nozzle just wins all round

This pump with nozzle just wins all round

One of the great things about this primer is that you can also apply it over makeup to take oiliness away without having to powder, so it mattifies without any cakiness. I’ve found of the three matte primers I’ve tried recently this one does the best job at actually keeping the shiny t-zone at bay. Makeup really lasts over this primer, which is it’s main job to begin with, Amazingly, even Beautypedia rated this with a “best” rating, and they’re a hard crowd to please.

I don’t want to say you get what you pay for, because that isn’t always the case, but this is certainly one of those times where the product lives up to its price. I think it was R540, which is pricey, but the next time Edgars has a Red Carpet it’s worth picking up when you can get R150 off. Or it would make an excellent gift, so put it on your wishlist!


5 thoughts on “Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer

  1. sonneillon says:

    I had been hunting this down for weeks before it finally hit Cavendish Square Edgars. Finally got my fingers on it a few months ago and I love it. I have quite oily/combo skin and I use this under makeup only and it does the job so well. I usually save this for special occasions makeup because… well… it wasn’t exactly cheap. BUT saying that, I would definitely repurchase it if (and when) it runs out.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I also don’t use it daily because sometimes my skin is oily and sometimes it isn’t, it’s a dermal roller coaster 😀 but I am a huge fan of this, and it genuinely does work so that’s why I think it is worth the price. 🙂

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