Want Mile High Lashes?

Stila has a new mascara coming as part of their 20th anniversary collection which I wrote about here and I was very lucky to receive one to try out. It’s called Mile High Lashes Mascara and is arriving in October. The packaging is really beautiful and upmarket, a sleek, tapered gold and white gold tube with the new collection’s triple S logo on the top.


This mascara promises length, volume, lift and curl. The mascara I can most closely compare this to is the Chanel le Volume mascara. I’ve tried quite a few mascaras, but of those freshest in my mind, this one gives me more or less exactly the same effect as the le Volume, although it does have quite a different brush.

Stila Mile High Lashes

The mascara brush itself is a flexible rubber, slightly tapered with six double rows of small bristles which curve in alternating directions (they call it a propeller brush), which really grip lashes and deposits a lot of product. This definitely isn’t one of those mascaras that needs a lot of gradual building up!

Stila Mile High Lashes Wand

This has been my most-used mascara since I received it because I do like the volumising effect. It tends to clump slightly when layered too much, but that’s a problem which I also have with Chanel le Volume, and it remains one of my favourite mascaras anyway. I usually brush through my lashes afterwards with a clean mascara wand to break up any slight clumps. This isn’t really one for amazing definition, like the Clinique Feathering Mascara, but for volume and drama it gets a standing ovation. It also holds a curl well and does provide some degree of length.


The only problem I actually have with this mascara is that I find it impossible to remove! Because of the smudge-free, flake-free formula (and yes, it stays put) it’s a bit like trying to remove dry cement. I’ve tried waterproof makeup remover, cleansing oil, cleansing balm…and I actually need a combination of all three to fully remove every trace. So it depends on whether ease of removal is a factor for you, or whether the bonus of having your mascara not budge during the day outweighs this.

This will be available shortly (during the course of October) and retail for R250 and selected Woolworths stores. As it is permanent it should hopefully be found online too over time.






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