A hair update with Style Bar

If you’ve been reading my blog this year you will know that I’ve dubbed 2014 the Year of the Hair and vowed to start giving my hair more attention. I’ve been doing pretty well on the treatment side and using some really quality products, but I’ve been struggling a little to get my at-home colour right. I had pretty much given up on trying to get my re-growth to match the rest of my hair when I was offered a cut and colour by Style Bar*. I decided to use the opportunity to revamp my look, and I had a great experience at Style Bar Tygervally when I attended the BC Bonacure relaunch so I knew I was in good hands.

Style Bar Palmyra Junction

Style Bar Palmyra Junction

After being supplied with a much-needed cappuccino I discussed what I wanted with my stylist. Because I only had about an inch of hair to chop off and wasn’t changing my hair colour I decided the best way to get a whole new look was to go for a fringe. I’ve asked for a fringe several times in the past and was given a faux fringe as if the stylist just couldn’t commit to cutting full-on bangs. So I was really glad that I got the proper chop this time around, and it immediately changed my look. A light layering also removed some of the heaviness as I have quite thick hair.

My baby blonde hair colour of choice isn’t one often found naturally on adults, so it takes quite some effort. My scalp doesn’t like the colouring process to get it so light, but it was worth it to get my roots to match the rest of my hair properly. After the colour a toner was applied to remove the yellow tones. I couldn’t leave it on as long as it should have been because of sensitivity, so I will be diligently using my Schwartzkopf BC Silver Shampoo to keep my blonde looking natural. Blonde ambition fulfilled. I also need to mention that I had the best and longest head and neck massage of my life…the lady at the basin next to me actually had to be woken up.

My new cut and colour

My new cut and colour

I am still doing a double take every time I pass a mirror because I look so different! A big thank you to Raazia and Style Bar Palmyra Junction for updating my look.

*This service was provided free of charge by Style Bar






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