The Moo Reviews | Lush Luxury Pud

We’re counting down to Christmas, so the past, present and future Moo reviews (I couldn’t resist a Christmas Carol reference there!) are dedicated to limited edition festive season ballistics. This month it’s the Luxury Lush Pud. For the last two Moo Reviews you can click here and here.


 When you first put it in the water what did you think?

I loved it made the rainbow colours. And I can keep this leaf thing forever. (The leaf is the plastic holly embedded in the top of the ballistic).

What does this ballistic do?

It just makes a rainbow. Pink, blue, green and yellow. And it makes the water pink. Pink is my favourite colour.

How do you think it smells?

Like vanilla and strawberry ice cream with caramel. And candy. (This isn’t strictly true but let’s say scent is a personal experience and move on…I’ve put the official scent down below)

What was your favourite thing about this bath bomb?

Just the colours and the pink water. And this pudder (pronounced like pudding, apparently her nickname for this ballistic) is making my skin candy floss.

You are obsessed with sweets. Is there anything you would add to make it even better?

Lots and lots and lots of glitter and popping candy. And if I could play with it a long time.

I agree with all of that. Would you buy this one again? Or should I say, would you make me buy it again?

Uuum. No, no I want the Shooting Star one with the glitter. And the teddy bear one. I like this pudder though. Can we get all of them? Oh, and can we also get some Dragon’s Eggs?

We’ll see. Did it make you sleep nicely and feel calm?

Yes. I love relaxing in pink water. (This is a lie. She promptly developed verbal diarrhea, fidgeted all over the bath and refused to go to bed afterwards in favour of watching really stupid, loud YouTube videos. On the other hand, I wanted to get straight into bed, so I found it incredibly relaxing!)

Lush Luxury Pud

The Luxury Pud is meant to be a relaxing lavender ballistic with the same scent as Twilight (one of my favourites) which contains lavender oil, balsamic resin and tonka bean extract. The coloured polka dots are meant to float to the surface and give it that extra festive entertainment factor, but the ballistic didn’t last very long after a brief fizz of multi colours which was a bit disappointing. I prefer the ones which take a long time to dissolve. Retails for R48.50.


2 thoughts on “The Moo Reviews | Lush Luxury Pud

  1. Gina says:

    Catching up on my blog reading and after I got to this one I immediately had to go back and read the others. LOVE LOVE LOVE Moo’s reviews and super descriptive way with words – I want to go out and buy them all now so that I can also bath with My Little Ponies and rainbows and sparkles (even if I am a grown up). Definitely a budding beauty blogger there!
    Thanks Moo for telling us how much fun your bath time is!

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