My Clinique Insider Experience & Top 10 Products

This year I was a Clinique Insider, so I had the opportunity to try some products which I would probably never have thought to buy myself. I didn’t enjoy all of them, but I did discover a few gems along the way. Having last used Clinique products nearly ten years ago it was fun getting to know the brand better this year, and I would recommend the experience to anyone who wants to enter for 2015 (entry details below). These are some of my favourite Clinique products which I would recommend…

1. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief became my favourite moisturiser of 2014 and one which I will continue to use. It is a lightweight gel perfect for combination skin, but very hydrating at the same time, which makes it ideal for dehydration. There are no frills or fancy ingredients in this, so I use it over my serums to give my skin a moisture boost. It can also be used over makeup. R510 for 50ml.

2. Even Better Dark Spot Corrector SPF45 is the best facial fluid sunscreen I have tried to date. Ultra light and quickly absorbed, it is non-sticky and lightly tinted. It helps combat pigmentation as well as prevent future spots from appearing. R455 for 30ml,

3. Mild Clarifying Lotion is the only one of Clinique’s toners I would use. This one is alcohol free and contains salicyclic acid to exfoliate your skin. I enjoyed using this in the mornings. R190

4. Smart Custom Repair Serum I wrote about this in my November favourites recently. This new serum is designed to fix whatever problem your skin may have and it feels lovely on the skin. R700 for 30ml.

5. Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm is the newest member of the chubby stick family. A nifty cream blush in a chunky crayon format, it is easy to transport, apply on the run, and it wears well throughout the day. Not too oily or too chalky, it has a very natural finish. R260

Top 10 Clinique

6. Cheek Pop Blush comes in four shades and was probably the blush which impressed me most during the year. It has a beautiful finish on the skin, lasts all day, and is a work of floral art. R300

7. Super Fine Liner for Brows is a really good retractable brow pencil which doesn’t need sharpening and comes in a good shade range, including one for really pale blondes (without the reddish undertones). The point is fine enough to draw in brows easily. R215

8. Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm is such a well known product, the first in the long line of crayon lipstick/balm hybrids. These are so easy to use, moisturising on the lips and come in a sheer formula as well as an intense opaque formula, and every shade under the sun. R230

9. Superprimer is a good primer for smoothing out your skin before makeup application and helping to keep makeup from melting during the day. It comes in six variants to correct various issue such as redness, dullness or sallowness. R355

10. Clinique mascaras are really good, and three of them are among my favourite mascaras of all time. Bottom Lash Mascara is one of those unnecessary but nifty beauty tools which help you achieve the perfect, smudge-free lower lashes. High Impact Extreme Volume mascara is also a huge favourite of mine for…well…impact, as well as Lash Power Feathering Mascara for more natural, defined lashes.

If you would like to be a Clinique Insider and receive a product every month or second month to review for their YouTube channel, entries for 2015 are open now! You need to create a video, post it on YouTube and answer the question: “How will you #StartBetter in 2015?”

Click here to enter:


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