The Moo Reviews | Lush Northern Lights

This month we actually had a Golden Wonder review lined up, but I received a Northern Lights ballistics as part of my Christmas gift from Charlene of Geewhiskers so we decided to do this one first. Both are from Lush’s Christmas range so won’t be available for much longer. So here is our conversation about Lush Northern Lights…

What did you think when you first saw this one? 

What is it.

Yes it isn’t round like the usual ballistics.

And I liked the stars in it. And I knew it will make the bath purple.

What did it do?

Well I was right because it did make the bath purple. I told you I’m always right.

Well, at least 10% of the time.

Exactly. And it made colours, like pink and blue and yellow.

I wasn’t expecting that, but it makes sense. That’s why it is called Northern Lights, because it actually looks a bit like the northern lights.

What are the northern lights?

It is lights in the sky which you can see in those countries near the Arctic.

So Arctic foxes see it then. Why is Greenland called Greenland?

I don’t know, but you are getting totally off the point. What did it smell like?


Right. I thought it was lavender but apparently it is jasmine and ylang ylang. What did you like most about it? 

It lasted long and also it left stars on the water. Catching the stars was fun. It presents Twilight Sparkle.

It presents Twilight Sparkle….? Do you mean represents?

Yes represents, because it is purple and has stars and Twilight is purple and has a star cutie mark.


Anything you didn’t like about it?
No. I loved it. But it would be nicer if I could sit on your lap and my cocksticks wouldn’t hurt you. 

Personally I think some glitter would have made it even nicer, but as I know not everybody is a fan of glitter, so this is just a beautiful and relaxing ballistic for everyone to enjoy. It doesn’t have the skin-softening powers of Butterball, for instance, but it is still a very soothing kind of ballistic… Retails for R48.50 and there is still some stock online so hurry!

P.S Moo meant coccyx.


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