Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour Review

I got a lovely surprise on Christmas Eve when I got home from dinner with my family to find a Christmas gift from 27Pinkx waiting for me. Nudestix is a brand which hasn’t previously been available in SA, although I have been aware of these pencils-which-do-everything for a while. They are now available exclusively on the 27Pinkx website (free shipping) which is pretty exciting if you’re looking to try something new and different.


Basically, this is a range of pencils for every purpose, and they all come in a handy, stylish black case with a sharpener. From concealers to lip/cheek colour to eyeshadows, everything comes in pencil format (except the mascara and lip pens) and you can fit your day’s makeup necessities into a tiny clutch bag. Nifty.


I received a Nudestix magnetic eye colour in the shade angel, a beautiful nude peach-gold shade which could possibly have been custom-made for me (no, it wasn’t obviously, but it is the exact shade I would have picked for myself). The fact that this formula is like permanent marker and does not budge once it has set makes it a great eyeshadow primer and also a quick and easy one-shade eye look when you’re in a rush. It comes with a sharpener which fits neatly onto the back of the pencil and you can sharpen it for more precise lining if you want to. It is also a perfect highlighter for the inner corners of your eyes and below the brows.

Nudestix Angel swatch

The lasting power is superb, but I find it a bit difficult to blend out. You have to work quickly as it sets like concrete. However, it does easily come off at the end of the day with waterproof eye makeup remover (like the Body Shop chamomile one) or any oil-based cleanser. I am definitely going to invest in one of the lip/cheek pencils in whisper or blush and might get a darker shade of eye colour as well. They retail for R350 each,




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