Be your own Valentine and go shopping at the Body Shop

I think Valentines Day is a load of…um…manure. But hey, since it is so over-commercialized why not boost the economy by spoiling yourself to something new? I will be heading to the Body Shop to check out their new limited edition range for Valentines Day, smoky poppy. I went right off the chocomania stuff after trying to eat it (just don’t, the delicious scent is a trick!) so I can’t wait to try this new scent.

Hot on the heels of the glazed apple range which rocked my world, this range has darker, moodier packaging and includes not just a body range but a selection of makeup too. On my shopping list is definitely the nude and bronze shades of the lip & cheek velvet sticks, so I will definitely be doing a review of those in the near future.o.30149 the-body-shop-smoky-poppy

I did rush out and attempt to get an early whiff of the smoky poppy scent, but unfortunately they aren’t in the shop-in-shops yet and we don’t have a free-standing store in our area. The body scrub includes actual poppy seeds (a nice touch!) and the scent is said to be woody and spicy with a hint of floral, good for those who don’t like the usual fruity, floral ranges. It sounds perfect for evenings.

The range has already launched in Body Shop stores. Anything look particularly good to you?


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