Cleansing with oil, and Sorbet’s new offering

Over the past two years my skin has definitely been on a roller coaster, partly due to the fact I am forever testing new products. It has been a learning curve, but I know now exactly what kind of products my skin prefers, what it does not handle well, and how to deal with my skin’s temporary tantrums.

Cleansing balms and oils have become non-negotiable for me. Any type of foaming cleanser, even the most gentle, leaves my skin feeling a bit uncomfortable and over time it becomes dry and flaky. Cleansing creams like Clarin’s Extra Comfort one are great, but I don’t go a day without using a balm or oil in my routine.


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If you’re oily skinned this might sound daunting, but in fact by cleansing with an oil or balm your skin is not stripped of its natural oils and therefore will not try to compensate by producing yet more oil. It’s a vicious cycle. Oil-based cleansers are fabulous for breaking down even long-lasting makeup, and because they’re not water soluble you need to remove them with a warm, damp facecloth which has the added benefit of a light exfoliation at the same time. Oils also contain essential fatty acids which are good for your skin. You can read more about oil cleansing on a site dedicated to it.

After this rather long introduction, what I actually wanted to say was that Sorbet’s new Salon Skin range includes a 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil. I have been using the Chamomile Cleansing Oil from the Body Shop for the past year, so I was eager to compare the two:

Sorbet Cleansing Oil

The Mini Review

While the Body Shop version feels oilier on application and emulsifies into a milk which is easy to rinse off, the Sorbet cleansing oil is thinner and less oily in texture but turns into more of a cream when you add water. The instructions say you can rinse the “milky emulsion” off with water, but I find I have to use a warm facecloth to remove it as it just doesn’t rinse off. However, since I prefer this method anyway it suits me just fine, and does a good job of removing dirt and makeup as well. The other benefit of this cleansing oil is that it leaves your skin feeling supple and moisturised. It is also very gentle and my sensitive skin is happy with it…and my skin is fussier than Karl Largerfeld’s cat. The Salon Skin range from Sorbet is available at Clicks, and the cleansing oil retails for R130. P.S I also like the sleek pump nozzle.

Sorbet Cleansing Oil 2

The main ingredients

Sorbet 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil: Bergamot, orange and lemon oil, castor oil, jojoba oil + added vitamins A, C and E.

Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil: Sweet almond oi, sesame seed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil


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