How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Palette {Review}

This is one of my (many) Instagram-induced purchases, and considering it was an emotional impulse purchase I’m actually very pleased with it! I first saw this palette on overseas blogs, but didn’t read any detailed reviews. So when I noticed Retailbox post a picture on Instagram I bought one almost immediately, with an open mind.


The packaging is in the usual cute, retro theBalm style. I think it was the packaging which was partly responsible for my impulse purchase! But let’s take a peek at what is inside the palette…

There are six shades in the palette which can be used either as a blush or a lip colour. The three on the right-hand side are ideal for fairer skin tones (Cider, Pie and Candy) while the left-hand shades are slightly deeper colours (Cobbler, Crisp and Caramel) which darker skin tones might enjoy. The texture varies slightly between shades, with some being almost balm-like. I’m not sure how I feel about having male strippers in my makeup though, but let’s turn a blind eye for a moment, shall we?

The first time I tried the palette I wasn’t very impressed as the formula felt a bit unsophisticated and reminded me slightly of children’s dress-up makeup. Some shades are quite lip-balm-like in texture, others are slightly thicker and more opaque. It takes some getting used to if you usually use a more cream-to-powder formula. These are actually quite similar in texture to the Stila Convertible Colour products.

But I have definitely done a complete reversal in opinion since I started using it because this palette is incredibly handy if you’re busy and need to do makeup in a rush. It saves so much time being able to pick up one product and do your lips and cheeks, using your fingers, in about a minute flat. And there is a nice selection of shades so you can mix and match. Here are what the shades look like on lips and cheeks:

Left: Cider, Right: Caramel

Left: Crisp, Right: Caramel

The only shade that contains shimmer is Crisp, which has a gold shimmer in it. It looks really pretty on lips, but does tend to cling to dry patches. In general I would say these are not drying on the lips, nor are they hydrating. Certain shades last longer on the lips than others, and they don’t all apply as evenly. I find these colours work okay on lips if you’re in a rush, but they don’t measure up to most lipsticks.


Left: Candy, Right: Pie

I think they really work best as cream blush, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how long they last. These are more dewy cream blushes which would work for normal to combination skins. They don’t have a cream-to-powder finish and don’t dry down completely, but they give a very healthy glow to the skin. I find these last as a blush basically the whole day, and by late afternoon I can still see the colour on my cheeks.

I think that this palette would make an ideal entry-level product if you are starting out with makeup as the application is easy and foolproof and you get a good variety of shades. The packaging and formula would also really appeal to younger women and would make an amazing gift for a girl starting out with makeup. Having said that, cuteness doesn’t have an age limit and if you enjoy cream blush this palette is handy, fun and good quality.


Left: Cobbler, Right: Cider

 This palette is available on Retailbox for R520, which made me wince slightly when entering my credit card details, but for six shades and the convenience of a one-product solution I think is good value for money.

Don’t forget to enter theBalm launch competition to win any theBalm product of your choice from Retailbox!


5 thoughts on “How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Palette {Review}

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Do your cheeks specifically get oily or more your t zone? If they do I am not sure how long the colour would last through the day. My cheeks are more normal (oily just in t-zone) and it lasts well for me.

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