Wella SP Repair Range {Review}

I’ve been lucky to test a few hair care gems, and I’ve learnt some important things along the way. First and foremost, products work differently on different hair. It’s just about trial and error and finding what suits your specific hair type and concern. When Retailbox sent me this range to review, I had some mixed results but discovered that a product which doesn’t give me the desired outcome can work like magic on someone else. I’m so glad I roped in a co-tester so I can give a pretty balanced view.

1. Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo – this shampoo is actually for dry hair as opposed to damaged, and since my hair is very thick and damaged I found it didn’t leave my hair as moisturised as I would like. However, I found a perfect product tester in my daughter who has mucher finer hair which is incredibly dry. This shampoo works brilliantly on her and has made a big difference to the moisture levels and manageability. (Retails for R252)

2. Wella SP Repair Conditioner – Similarly, I found this to be quite a light conditioner which is relatively thin in texture. It didn’t really feel sufficient for my thick hair, but has made the world of difference to my daughter’s. The nice thing about this conditioner is that you only need to leave it on for 30 seconds – perfect if you’re in a rush. This conditioner really leaves her thin, dry hair feeling so much softer and more nourished, and really banishes the knots. If your hair is not very thick, not very damaged or just quite dry then I would recommend giving this a go along with the repair or hydrate shampoo. (Retails for R302)

3. Wella SP Repair Mask – this treatment to me was  the real star of the show. If you’re looking to invest in a good treatment product then I can absolutely recommend this mask! It is a five-minute mask which deeply repairs damaged hair, and makes a difference which I can see and feel to my hair. I like that I don’t need to keep it on for ages to see results, as I usually wash my hair in the shower and ten minutes feels like a lot of wasted water. It smooths my hair so that I don’t end up with what I describe as “unwanted volume” aka mad frizz, and my hair has a tangible softness and lightness to it once it has dried. My hair feels healthy, which is what I really want in a conditioner and treatment. It also protects against future damage and has an immediate effect from the first use. Depending on your hair’s texture and level of damage, a treatment is ideal to use once a week. I love this mask so much that I use it twice weekly, which is how often I usually wash my hair. (Retails for R308)

Wella SP has a wide range of products for every concern, from volume to shine, smoothing to colour protection. I noticed (and got a bit heart-eyed emoji over) the fact that they have a silver shampoo for blondes… definitely next on my must-try list. All Wella SP products are available on Retailbox.

I left the exciting news for last. In the beginning of April I will be running a giveaway in conjunction with Retailbox where you have the opportunity to win the Wella SP Repair range! So if you feel your hair needs a bit of professional help, then be sure to check back in a few weeks’ time.


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