New Launch! All about Avene

It is wonderful to see so many new brands arriving on our shores, and this is one which I am particularly pleased about as I have quite reactive skin. The Eau Thermale Avene range is available exclusively from Clicks as of 11th March this year, and is designed with sensitive skin in mind. And this top European pharmacy range has a nice little story too. The properties of the Avene thermal spring were discovered way back in 1736 after a sick horse was miraculously cured after drinking the water, or so they say. In 1874 the therapeutic properties of the spring water were validated by the Academy of Medicine…and I don’t think doctors joke about these things.


The water is contained in all the Avene products and strengthens cell membranes, reduces reactivity, improves the skin’s defensive barrier and restores comfort to the skin. It is also very gentle due to it’s mineral content etc. (without getting all scientific) which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

I received a bottle of Avene Thermal Spring water and Tolerance Extreme moisturiser along with the launch invitation, and I’ve been using them daily. I feel like one of those French skincare experts who mists their face with mineral water after every step of cleansing to get rid of the nasty tap water which has touched their skin… Jokes aside, the hydrosol produces a lovely fine mist which is perfect for those who want a little moisture boost or who don’t really like the toning step. I have been using it after an exfoliating toner to add back moisture, and dampening my skin slightly before using hyaluronic acid serum. It also makes a nice makeup setting spray.

If you have particularly dry, sensitive skin then the Tolerance Extreme moisturiser would be your new BFF. I prefer to use an oil-free moisturiser during the day to keep oiliness at bay, but I have been using it at night and find it really soothing after using my 1% retinol serum. It has definitely helped my skin with redness and reactivity. Something which impressed me about the moisturiser is the clever packaging which keeps the product sterile and out of contact with air, even though it is in a tube.

There is a moisturiser for normal to combination skin in the range, Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream, which absorbs excess oil. I went along to Clicks the day after launch and got myself one for daytime use, and so far I’m very impressed. There is something for everyone, from normal to acne-prone to rosacea. I’ve really been enjoying these products and can recommend going to Clicks and taking a look.


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