Sticky Fudge Autumn/Winter 2015

I only recently made my first Sticky Fudge purchase, despite being a fan of their designs since their early days before they opened a store in Tygervalley. Their children’s clothes are beautiful and have a timeless quality to them – both modern and vintage at the same time. Most of the clothes are manufactured locally in Cape Town, and are available in numerous countries, so this brand is a great South African success story. Their Autumn/Winter range is available online and in store from March, and since I love beautifully-designed local children’s clothing brands I had to share a few items from the girl’s range.

RUN 1 (17)

The colours are soft and muted, and the earthy tones are perfect for mixing and matching and pairing with denim. I love the quality knits which make wonderful, snuggly winter accessories.

RUN 1 (12)

 As with many local brands you are paying for quality and local craftsmanship, so these probably aren’t outfits which you would send your child to art class in… But they are designed in such a way that they can be dressed down as comfortable weekend wear, or dressed up for special occasions. I also think that beautiful clothes, like books, make wonderful gifts because they truly last and can often be passed down to younger siblings or donated to children in need in the future, still in perfect condition. You can view more of the range including the boys’ items on the Sticky Fudge online store.



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