An Oil for every Occasion

Oils are really having their moment in the sun lately, and now there is an oil available to cover all your beauty bases.Β Here are some interesting facts about oils and skin care (source)…

1. Botanical oils can be good antioxidants which help prevent free radical damage

Face Cleansing Oils

2. Some oils are anti-inflammatory and can prevent active ingredients from irritating your skin.

Facial Oils

3. As your skin ages its natural oils decrease and lead to moisture loss. Because oils are lipophilic they can pass through the skin’s lipid layer faster, plumping up the skin and preventing moisture loss.

Lip & Cuticle Oils

4. Applying an oil before your serum or anti-aging cream helps the skin to more deeply absorb active ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid or vitamin C.

Hair Oils

5. Oil improves the tensile strength of hair which prevents breakage and reduces frizz. It can also nourish the scalp and assist with dryness and flakiness.


2 thoughts on “An Oil for every Occasion

  1. Prettiful Blog says:

    Love this post! Oils definitely are the new thing. Which is your fave in each category? I have tried at least one in each category. Interested to know which ones you preferred?

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I think the Body Shop cleansing oil, the Balm Balm frankincense facial oil, the Keratase elixir ultime…and I love the Milk Solutions cuticle oil and the Nafha Argan oil but what I really want to try is the clarins lip oil which I haven’t tried yet! I also love the Clarins face treatment oil, but the Balm Balm is my favourite

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