101 (thousand) thank you’s

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog, whether you’ve been following for a long time or whether Google has led you to one post. Every visit has helped me get past the 100,000 milestone and it makes me feel happy that something I’ve written has been of interest or a help to someone out there. I’ve really had my ups and downs and blogging can be a lot of hard work, sometimes for little reward. It’s definitely not all fun and games, and most of the time I don’t consider my effort a success, but sometimes it’s the little things like this, or the people you meet, or the interactions you have with readers and fellow bloggers that make it really worthwhile.


P.S posts might be a little slow for a week or two as I’ve got a lot on my plate in my ‘real life’ and my brain tends to cope by shutting down in certain areas. In this case I’ve drawn a serious blank on post ideas! Any requests or recommendations are very welcome. I should have a hashtag: #ProjectBringBronwynsBrainBackToLife


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