Dior Tie Dye Collection for Summer 2015

Dior has brought out so many gorgeous collections that they have gradually won my heart. While Chanel’s camellia design is gorgeous, nothing makes my resistance melt like the silver Diorskin cannage packaging. The amount of attention paid to making their makeup look beautiful, the amazing luxury of some of their packaging and the fact that collections include something for everyone (fair skin, tanned skin, those who love nudes and those who love a burst of colour) have made me fall in love with their collections time after time. My love affair started back with their Birds of Paradise collection two summers ago, and this tie dye collection for summer 2015 is once again absolutely awe-inspiring.

Dior Tie Dye Collection for Summer 2015

The colours are reminiscent of warm weather, tanned skin, carefree beach days, cocktail parties, sunsets and the odd music festival thrown in. Tie dye always makes me think of Woodstock, but in this case without the tripping weirdos, mud and crowds. If Dior did Woodstock there would be hot showers and flushing toilets in five-star tented accommodation with private pools.  I know we are going into winter now, but now is your chance to grab these limited edition items…

I will be putting them aside for warmer weather and will have something to look forward to when winter is over! My must-haves include the Diorskin Nude Tan Blush Harmony in coral sunset, the Fusion Mono eyeshadow in Fahrenheit, the new turquoise waterproof Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara and Dior Addict Tie Dye ombre effect lipstick in coral trip.


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