Vita Liberata Deep Face Review & Giveaway

When I was asked whether I would like to review the Vita Liberata spray tan half of me thought ‘ooh, yes! A tan!’ And the other half was consumed with body issues and anxiety. This half won pretty quickly, so I opted for the Vita Liberata Deep Face Untinted Self Tan Lotion which I could use at home. As a non-toxic, organic tanning brand I have always wanted to try Vita Liberata. So here are my thoughts on this ‘summer in a bottle’ (and a surprise for you if you read to the end…)

Particularly now as we’re heading into winter, I closely resemble a White Walker. Being so pale I’m always both excited and curious and slightly apprehensive when trying facial tanning products because I’m worried they will be too dark, too orange, or look unnatural on my pale skin.

The Vita Liberata Deep Face is special because it is first and foremost a moisturiser and has the benefit of adding a sun-kissed glow. You can use it in place of your regular moisturiser because it really is hydrating and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. The tan you get is definitely visible but not over-the-top. It is definitely the most natural-looking colour and intensity that I’ve ever found in a facial tanner.

Some noteworthy points…

1. It is stated to be good for dry, sensitive and mature skin. I have a combination skin with a t-zone that can get quite oily during the day. My skin is also sensitive, so I can attest to the fact that it doesn’t cause any irritation whatsoever.

2. It contains Odour Remove technology which removes that dreaded ‘self tan scent’, and I did find it completely odourless. I know a lot of people really don’t like the smell of self tan, and in this case you don’t have to go around being able to smell your own face. Huge plus point.

Face Tan

My experience…

For the sake of proper testing I have tried it in various ways. First I used it during the day time, applied in the morning in place of moisturiser and followed by my normal makeup. During the course of the morning I could see the tan developing which I found a bit disconcerting. I didn’t really like my face changing colour over the course of the day. I also found that when used in the morning my skin did get a bit oilier than it does with my regular oil-free Avene moisturising lotion.

So my next step was to apply it at night in place of moisturiser, after my usual cleansing, acid tone and serum routine. It left my skin feeling very hydrated and comfortable. I usually do my skincare routine a few hours before bedtime, and it didn’t rub off or stain my pillow or bedding at all. I was really happy with the result in the morning. The tan developed completely evenly and looked very natural. It didn’t emphasise or cling to any dry patches. My skin actually looked so much better and healthier, probably because the tan made blemishes less visible and evened out my skin tone so well.

The last thing which is worth mentioning is the longevity and how this product fades. Even with my skincare routine involving salicyclic acid toner and double cleansing at night, my tan lasted about three days and faded slowly and evenly. It was never noticeable and didn’t leave any uneven patches. I have subsequently also tried mixing the Vita Liberata Deep Face with a pump or two of regular moisturiser to see what would happen. It still worked just as well, but developed a lighter hint of tan. If you are really fair-skinned then the ability to customise the colour is great. All in all I can’t think of any criticism for this facial tanner as it actually exceeded my expectations! Vita Liberata Deep Face Untinted Self Tan Lotion is available online from Vita Liberata or through numerous Cape Town or Jo’burg stockists. For a list of stockists you can click here. It retails for R575.

Vita Liberata is giving one reader the opportunity to win either the Vita Liberata Deep Face Gradual Self Tan Lotion or a Vita Liberata organic spray tan at their Gardens offices . The winner can choose!  Make sure you are following Vita Liberata on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Just tweet “I want a tan this winter with @VitaLiberataSA and @Bronwynh1981” and include the link to this post. If you’re not on Twitter then you can share this post on Facebook and tag MotherCityMomBlog. The giveaway ends on Tuesday 19th May.

Congrats to the winner, @wintercriss on Twitter!


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