Brand-new Natural Lip Perfection from Clarins

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors have long been a staple item for beauty lovers, a fuss-free, non-sticky lip gloss which hydrates and adds a hint of colour.  Clarins is actually one of my ultimate brands for lip products as I have always been impressed with their lipsticks, their gloss and their lip perfectors. As usual their Spring range is full of garden-inspired whimsical prettiness, but the stars of the show for me are their new lip offerings. I have quite a bit to say on the new lip oil, so take a seat if you’re up for some reading.


The Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors are now available in a balm format as opposed to a gloss, so you get the same glossy, ultra-hydrating effect but in a balm stick. This must be music to the ears of people who don’t really like gloss. The Natural Lip Balm Perfectors come in six shades – rose, coral, pink, orange, red and rosewood – and are aimed at hydrating and plumping up lips and contain wild mango and shea butter. They also they smell delicious, something Clarins never neglects. I chose the shade rosewood and I love the sheer hint of colour, perfect for those “no makeup” days (we know why I’ve put that in inverted commas, right?). My only concern with these Lip Balm Perfectors is that the tube is very small, containing 1.8g of product, and I think at R250 a pop this lip balm could get used up very quickly.


 The other very exciting release is the new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, which comes in a limited edition sheer raspberry shade and a permanent honey shade. It honestly doesn’t matter which you go for shade-wise as both are basically colourless on the lips. The only difference is that besides containing hazelnut and jojoba oils the honey variant contains mirabelle plum oil and the raspberry one contains raspberry oil. I bought the raspberry shade because it was limited edition (I can and will go back for the honey shade when I finish it up). As mentioned, the shade itself is very, very sheer to the point of being transparent, but it does enhance my natural lip colour and give a major boost of glossiness. I expected it to feel more like an oil on the lips, but it feels more like a very thick gloss. It feels very comfortable on the lips and doesn’t feel overly sticky, and it really stays put. My lips feel moisturised for hours, although the glossiness wears off.  As a lip protector and comforter I think this has come out as my all-time favourite product, which I would reach for over my beloved Nuxe Reve de Miel and even my past love, the Dior Creme de Rose (if they bothered to sell it any more). Having pretty, glossy lips is just the cherry on top of a really hydrating and comforting lip product. One caveat though: I have heard some people say that their lips feel dry afterwards or that it doesn’t feel very nourishing. Although the majority of people seem to love it, and all the reviews I’ve read have been positive, it is worth bearing in mind that everyone’s lips are different. This retails for R250 at Clarins counters.

Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Rosewood (left) and Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry (right)


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