Smashbox Contour Kit

I have mixed feelings about contouring. When done subtly it can imperceptibly enhance your face, and I love a little makeup cheat. On the other hand, the thought of going through the whole Kim Karsashian procedure on an average day makes me roll my eyes. Unless you have a photo shoot scheduled (which you don’t, do you?) there is no need to go to these extremes. Oh, and I’m too lazy.

Nonetheless I loved the look of the Smashbox Contour Kit, and the shades looked like they would work with my fair skin. At R550 for three large pans, a very usable bronzer, a great cool-toned taupe contour shade which doubles as an eyeshadow, and a matte cream highlight that works really well as a general setting powder, I think the palette is good value for money.


The packaging includes a step-by-step guide for your face shape which is really useful for beginners. Not so much for me, because I have the weirdest shaped head and can’t work out my face shape. It also includes a small angled brush which works well for the contour and highlight shades, but I prefer a bigger brush for bronzer. The palette itself is nice, sleek and stylish and sturdy. The three S’s of ideal makeup palettes.

I find these powders really easy to work with. They do kick up a bit of dust but they are very easy to blend. Both contour and bronzer go on smoothly and don’t come off patchy, and the shades just look very natural on the skin. Darker skin tones might prefer a darker bronzer, but you can use a light hand like I do or slap on a whole lot more. The only thing I don’t love is the matte highlighter, because I like some sheen. I usually use this for under my eyes and my forehead and then put some Mary-Lou Manizer or Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in incandescent light on my cheekbones. It works well as a general setting powder though, so it isn’t wasted.

Below are just some snaps I’ve taken in the process of doing my makeup where I’ve incorporated some subtle ‘contouring’ if you can call it that. I’m really about looking natural and not like I’m heading to the Met Gala. Oh, and the laziness, I’m all about that too! 😛

Left: Contour, highlight with Mary-Lou Manizer. Right: Contour, highlight, blush

Smashbox Contour Kit (no other makeup besides foundation/concealer)


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