Whether you’re busy or just lazy, this is the polish for you!

I feel like I’ve been scarce around this parts lately, but between load shedding and two collaborations I’ve been working on, I’ve been forced to give my blog a breather. I actually wrote this post last week but then the power went out before I saved it, and I lost everything. I’m sure most of you can relate!

A while back, in the good old days before I viciously gnawed off all my nails like a rabid rat, I received a surprise parcel. Included in it were the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat. It probably took me about 30 seconds between opening the box and having all ten fingernails sporting this gorgeous molten rose-gold shade.


Manufactured by the makers of Shellac, the CND Vinylux range contains some interesting ProLight technology which is activated in natural light…and it doesn’t need a base coat. The polish gets stronger with time This suits me perfectly because I’m always in a rush and try to cut corners wherever possible. All you need are two thin coats of polish and one coat of top coat, and it’s a pretty speedy process because the polish dries very quickly.

It’s supposed to give you seven days chip-free wear. I incessantly pick at and nibble on my nails. I’m so rough on them that normal polish only lasts about 24 hours on me. Taking this into consideration, the fact that CND Vinylux lasted into a fourth day on me is nothing short of miraculous. I’m probably not the best person to test the weekly claim properly, but I was very impressed with the drying time (less than 10 minutes in total) and lasting power.


Chiffon Twirl #178

I really love the shade I received, a metallic rose gold with a micro glitter in it which makes it look liquid and reflective. There are 90 shades in total, and there is something for everyone – pastels, metallics, nudes, brights…you name it. They are 3 Free too.

You can have a look at CND South Africa’s Facebook page here to contact them about which salons stock CND in your area or to order some shades for yourself.


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