Bold & Bronze 

I have some new bits from Max Factor to share with you – their Excess Shimmer* eyeshadow and new Masterpiece Glamour Extensions* mascara which should be available in selected Clicks stores by now. Instead of doing two review posts I thought I’d just put them on my lids and lashes and let you see for yourself. I wear a lot of chocolately colours in winter and I think this bronze smoky eye is both simple and dramatic in one go.


I have found it a bit hit and miss with drugstore eyeshadows in the past. Most of them tend to crease on me, but there are always a few exceptions. This joins the ranks of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as a reliable cream shadow formula which don’t melt off your lids in the blink of an eye. It has a special silicone gel formula to keep the metallic colour vibrant and long lasting. They’re really blendable and the colour is intense. What I loved about this bronze shade is that when blended you get a range of shades which makes it look like you’ve put in more effort than simply swiping on a single shadow. Once it sets, it really sets so you can’t dawdle too much when applying. But I found it really did last on my eyes with primer (without it did go a little patchy). These retail for R129.95.

I also really liked the Masterpiece Glamour Extensions mascara. This is designed to be volumising, which it really is, but I tend to go for more lengthening and defining formulas as that is my personal preference. I did get quite a bit of use out of this mascara until the Clarins Be Long mascara came and swept me off my feet, followed swiftly by the Benefit Roller Lash… So many mascaras, so little time…

At R109.95 it is a really affordable mascara and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The wand is an interesting tapered, triangular shape which is nifty for reaching all your little inner corner lashes. It also contains carbon fibres to lengthen. It does lengthen and I like that you can get a more understated or dramatic effect depending on how many layers you apply. I just prefer mascaras that don’t thicken my lashes as much as they tend to clump slightly, and I prefer individually defined lashes.

In the pictures below I’m wearing both the Excess Shimmer in bronze (how cool does the blended out effect look, as though I’ve used bronze and brown shadows) and the Masterpiece Glamour Extensions mascara.

* I received this in the Cosmetiques de France media pack from their launch event.


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