New Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser

I have rediscovered the joy of cleansing. Of all skincare products I really have a soft spot for cleansers, even though they’re the product which spends the least time on your face. A proper cleanse paves the way for all other products, and is the foundation of healthy and happy skin. I’ve been through an extensive search for the perfect cleanser, learnt some hard lessons which left my skin sensitized and unbalanced, fallen in love with cleansing balms and then with cleansing oils.

Speaking of hard lessons, I’ve learnt that foaming cleansers are usually like kryptonite to me. Cleansers that contain sodium lauryl sulphate or soap irritates and strips my skin of its natural oils and I end up with skin that feels tight and has persistent dry patches.

Dermaceutic recently sent me their new Advanced Cleanser, a cleansing foam that intrigued me. It couldn’t have come from a better source because I have a high opinion of this cosmeceutical range and I had a feeling they wouldn’t dream of putting…er…nonsense in their products. Having not used a foaming cleanser for years this has been like a complete novelty to me and a breath of fresh air.


It is the opposite of what I always imagine foaming cleansers to be – harsh and unforgiving – because everything it in has been selected for optimal skin tolerance and it is even suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin. It uses a combination of xylitol, urea and glycerin to make sure skin is actually hydrated in the cleansing process and doesn’t end up feeling tight and stripped. Zinc regulates sebum production and is antimicrobial so your skin is left balanced and stays clear of breakouts.

The foam itself feels so silky on the skin and the scent is lovely. What makes me so passionate about this cleanser is that it leaves my skin feeling 100% clean without leaving a trace or making me want to slap moisturiser on right away. No residue, no tightness, just clean and happy skin. In the mornings one pump is sufficient for my whole face, and at night to remove makeup I use about two pumps. It is also perfect for a second cleanse if you prefer to remove makeup with an oil or balm.


Speaking of which, at night I have been using this as a second cleanse after removing makeup with my other favourite cleansers, Just Pure Cleansing Gel, (essentially an emulsifying oil) or my long-time love Balm Balm Frankincense Cleansing Balm. They say opposites attract, and this combination of scientifically formulated and natural/organic cleansers has proven to be perfect for my skin.

For Dermaceutic stockists in the Johannesburg area contact I know the range is available at Skin ID. For Cape Town stockists contact


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