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  Healing Earth has a children’s range of amenities which could have been custom designed for my child. They’re products for the eco-conscious child with an emphasis on wildlife – basically Moo in a nutshell. Each box of products includes a lavender and jasmine bubble bath, peppermint shower gel, mango & sweet orange body scrub, aloe vera body lotion and sweet orange & lemon shampoo and conditioner, along with pencil crayons and a wildlife poster for your child to colour in and learn from. All the products are natural and organic and smell so good that adults will be tempted to borrow them. Often.

 Each product features a different animal and has information about the species on the packaging. Moo loved colouring in the informational poster and trying out all the products, and suddenly bath time has become about actually washing as opposed to just playing in the water. For kids it really is about the packaging and scent, which Healing Earth has got spot on.

Her favourite product is the body scrub (aka the rhino) because “it has freckles in it and it smells like mango sweets”. The mango & sweet orange is her favourite of the scents. The “freckles” as she calls them, or the scrub particles, aren’t that scrubby by adult standards but perfect for children’s softer and more sensitive skin.

 She likes the shampoo & conditioner because “a lion is my favourite animal and it makes my hair smell nice”.  She also loved the scent of the body lotion. It contains aloe vera and marula, and although she found it “a bit difficult to rub in, and kind of sticky”, once it has properly absorbed it leaves skin very soft and moisturised (and not sticky). The only product scent she wasn’t mad about was the bubble bath, which is lavender. She said it “smells like herbs” – calming for most of us, but bath time isn’t about being calm in Moo’s mind.


It is great to have a whole suite of products to cover every possible bath-time requirement, from bubbles to shampoo to the lotion once they get out. The packaging and scents are really appealing to kids and make baths (or showers) a really fun event while still getting them super clean.

This gift pack would make a really fantastic Christmas gift for younger kids who love animals, or who love bath-time, or whose moms prefer natural products. It is something different and makes a nice eco-friendly alternative to toys. You can order the pack from for R453.90


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