Top up your midsummer tan {giveaway}

Caribbean Tan is one of my favourite tanning ranges because they’re so affordable and give you get results. There is this creamy confection in a tub from Clarins which I adore but the price per use works out pretty hefty. My philosophy is that I will spend a fair bit on a really good facial tanner but if I’m doing my whole body I prefer more affordable products. Caribbean Tan (available at Clicks and Dischem) is great value for money, they come in three shades for different skin types and the colour looks really natural on me. I use shade A for a light tan or in Spring, and B in the middle of summer. Whether you prefer a mousse, a spray, wipes or an aerosol they have you covered. I’ve been using Caribbean Tan for a few years now and I always keep some on hand during the summer.

If you’re back and work and worrying about keeping up your holiday tan then I have a little something for you. I have a tan in a can gradual tan aerosol spray and an instant colour tanning spritzer in shade C (skin that tans easily and rarely burns) to give away. If you have the skin tone that can pull off a deeper tan, then this is for you! Just share and leave a comment if you’d like to go into the draw (ends Monday 25th Jan). Don’t forget to leave your email or Twitter username so I can contact you if you win.


15 thoughts on “Top up your midsummer tan {giveaway}

  1. Daniela Cardoso says:

    going back to Varsity at the end of January so surfing and going to the beach is going to be on hold for a while and I my tan will definitely be fading fast so this product would definitely be right for me.

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