Moisture Surge Overnight Mask


In December before we were due to leave for the Kruger Park I was on a mission to find a hydrating mask, as I knew from experience that the heat and dryness were going to wreak havoc on my skin. The previous year I found the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask to be a lifesaver. However, this time around I wanted to try something new. I’m a huge fan of Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel which was my go-to moisturiser for ages until I moved onto Super City Block for the sake of its SPF. I wrote about both aforementioned products which I took on the trip in my skincare safari post.

Excitingly, the range has a new member of the family, the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. I knew this was the hydrating mask I had been looking for, so when we left this Boxing Day it was packed in my bag ready to be tested. In the same pale pink packaging as the other Moisture Surge products, this tube is a big 100ml and I think the mask will last me a good while (so brownie points for that). The mask is a thick cream-gel that you can apply for 10 minutes like a normal hydrating mask, and rinse off, or preferably leave on overnight. I used this every night while I was away because the chlorine and dry air really did a number on my skin. To quote the product, it “hydrates and restores the protective moisture barrier” and leaves skin “plumped, supple, luminous”. I feel that it lives up to its claims and really did feel like some relief for my skin. My skin can be reactive, and like the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel this product is mild enough for sensitive skin and my skin didn’t break out at all. It costs R460 at Clinique counters or online. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative I recommend the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask which is R170 for 100ml, otherwise this one’s a real goodie.


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