The best value cleansing oil | Lipidol Face Cleansing Oil

I’ve tried quite a few cleansing oils because I’ve made no secret of the fact I love cleaning my face with oil! It’s my preferred cleansing method which really dissolves all that oil-based makeup without stripping your skins’ natural protective oils in the process. I am always excited to try a new one, but in this case I was hoping for greatness because it is the most affordable cleansing oil I’ve tried to date – at only R79.95 – and if it works then I have something to recommend which you can afford even in January. I hope it isn’t just me who finds this month like a black hole where my money was.


Lipidol has an entire range of oils which do basically everything except make you coffee. I’ve tried the Cleansing Body Oil, the After Shower Oil and the Sunscreen Oil to date, and I’ve enjoyed every one. Thus far the Cleansing Body Oil has been my favourite because it smells like key lime… I would insert a heart-eyed emoji here if I could but WordPress needs to work on some stuff. Now I’ve finally got around to trying the Face Cleansing Oil and it lives up to my expectations and in one respect exceeds them. Lipidol oils are really effective, and as expected the Face Cleansing Oil does a great job at removing my makeup and rinsing off nicely. I don’t like it when oils emulsify but then refuse to completely rinse off properly. It leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and soft, yet feeling very clean too. There is no tight, uncomfortable urge to rush for the moisturiser.

How did it exceed my expectations? I’ve seen a few YouTube and blog reviews, and the general consensus is that people don’t like using it to remove eye makeup. I was expecting it to sting my eyes a bit, and it honestly didn’t affect my eyes at all. I really get in there and give my eyes a good rub and it removes my waterproof mascara fuss-free. I do get cloudy vision for a few seconds, but that goes away so quickly it doesn’t bother me. Frankly I find a face full of sea water more unpleasant (and I’m out there duck diving under waves every day). As with all the Lipidol products the packaging is minimalist and unique, just a clear embossed bottle with no label. I like this no-frills approach and I think the plastic bottles with different coloured oils are pretty.


The conclusion is that I’m really impressed with Lipidol’s Face Cleansing Oil. I think it is the best cleansing oil if you’re on a budget. I also like the Body Shop’s chamomile one (a lot) but Lipidol’s is in an even more affordable price bracket.  It does a good job, it’s a pleasure to use and the scent is mild and inoffensive (I think it’s rosemary?). They’re available at Clicks, so easily available if you want to pop a bottle in your basket.

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