Dior Eye Reviver – Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette

Eye Reviver Closed

If you have read any of my posts this year you will know that I’m less likely to do ‘makeup of the day’ posts and more likely to be wearing the bare minimum thanks to some lifestyle changes. I have always leaned towards natural and nude makeup, and I can’t pass on a neutral eyeshadow palette no matter how many I already have. So of course I have been eyeing the Dior Eye Reviver palette since it was first released, but common sense prevailed for a while until I couldn’t resist the siren call any longer and finally bought it towards the end of last year. I think it was about R800, so it’s an investment. But if this is something you would wear every day (or you’re an avid neutral palette collector) then it is worth it. The silver packaging is a fingerprint magnet, but so pretty and comes with a velvet dust pouch if you want to tote it around.

Dior eye reviver palette

This palette is perfect for anyone who wants to emphasize and brighten up their eyes without having to do anything too complicated and makeup-artisty. It is also great to grab when you’re in a rush. It includes a primer shade, 4 eyeshadows and a gel liner.  Here is how Dior’s website describes it:

Dior has created its 1st illuminating palette to brighten the eyes with an instant radiance-boosting effect. Using Glow-MimeticsTM technology, the incredibly luminous universal neutrals recreate the radiance of a flawless eyelid. The shades combine in perfect harmony with the primer and liner to create smooth, even and wider-looking eyes, while adding structure and brightness.”

Eye Reviver close up

All the shadows are shimmery, but when you apply them they are very muted (so you don’t get a frosty or metallic look, just a very subtle sheen). The gel liner is really good actually, easy to apply and build up, and doesn’t smudge when it sets. The liner brush included in the palette works well with it. You can’t really go overboard with these shades, so they’re really for the ‘less is more’ everyday natural look. The shadows are soft and blendable and you can actually create a few different looks from totally nude to quite smoky. It’s the ‘your eyes but better’ palette.

Eye Reviver


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