Ocean Inspired Eyeliner

Blue eyeliner has always scared me a bit. It reminds me of the 80’s, which besides being the decade I was born in has nothing else to recommend it. Having said that, turquoise is my favourite colour and half of my wardrobe is some shade of turquoise, teal or blue. So I thought, why not extend my love of turquoise to my makeup? Blue, turquoise and teal remind me of the sea, especially tropical waters. Turquoise and teal eyeliners make me think of relaxing island holidays or days by the pool. They are fun, playful and summery and can be as subtle and simple or as full-blown as you like.


My first turquoise liner was unfortunately a limited edition one from Lancome’s Spring 2013 collection called Jade Crush. This started my love affair with turquoise liner. And although this exact one isn’t available anymore I can’t rave enough about Lancome’s eyeliners. This one literally goes on 100% bright and opaque even in the waterline and does not budge. I have a very similar shade in a much more affordable product a bit further down.

Tip: If you’re nervous you can start off with just lining your lower waterline (a la Karlie Kloss) or a single thin line across the upper lash line.

So after a few years of this occasional strip of colour I noticed this amazing teal Gosh Velvet Touch liner called I Sea You (I think it was R110 at Edgars). I swatched it on my hand and then proceeded to fall in love with it as the day went on. This is a stunning teal green/blue with a golden fleck in it, and amazingly long lasting as they are waterproof. I love the colour so much I used it with wild abandon and ended up with mermaid eyes. It is amazing how a bright colour can really make your eyes stand out, and it is so quick and easy.

My latest discovery is one of Hean’s new hypoallergenic eye pencils from Glamore Cosmetics. They have both a turquoise and a cobalt blue, for R95 each. These pencils are really soft and blendable and also long lasting, although they aren’t waterproof. I can apply it in the morning and by late afternoon my liner is still in place.


With three graduating shades of turquoise liner (and feeling a lot more adventurous than usual) I had such fun playing around with a combination of the three, using the Hean eye pencil in the inner corners and below my lash line, the Lancome in the middle and the Gosh teal shade in the outer corners, finished with turquoise Miss Manga mascara from L’Oreal on the lower lashes and Hean Barocco Painter waterproof mascara on my upper lashes. I am doing a full review on this mascara because it is thebomb.com. This is not exactly an office appropriate look but it’s like…

…Bora Bora in eye makeup form. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration! Even if you’re not sure about the blue, why not try purple or green?



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