A quick peek at Lush Frozen

I usually reserve Lush products for a full Moo Review because she’s so chatty on the subject, but I received a Lush Frozen ballistic as a gift this weekend from my sister in law for hosting her baby shower, and thought I’d do a little post on it, if you haven’t tried this particular one before.


Firstly, it smells AMAZING, and a bit different to the scents of the ballistics I usually buy. It is a combination of neroli, rose and grapefruit oil. The ballistic is based on the movie Frozen, so you can expect your bath to go the turquoise blue of Elsa’s dress, with swirls of silver luster sparkling in the water. It’s like turning your bath into a warm, cosy version of an ice palace. It’s heaven.

This ballistic also makes your skin feel really soft and moisturised. You won’t end up glittery as it is a luster like they put in Yummy Mummy, not like the glitter that coats Star Light Star Bright. It’s an all-round relaxing ballistic. It isn’t going to entertain you throughout the fizzing process, but I spent quite a long time lying on my stomach watching the silver twinkles in the water. So if you’re a grown up who needs some scented relaxation or a kid at heart, you’re going to love this one!


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