Inoar Absolut Speed Blond Duo

Described as a ‘basin kit for blonde or grey hair’ this shampoo and conditioner duo was basically love at first sight for me. Whether you’re looking to maintain your blonde or subtly change to an ashier grey tone, this stuff is for you.


I still have nothing but good things to say about Milkshake Silver Shampoo, which I never got around to reviewing, but what I particularly love about this set is the conditioner. The shampoo is the usual salon-standard deep violet colour, but to really achieve the best results the dark indigo conditioner actually turns your hair bright blue when applied (if your hair is very light) but then washes out completely. Do not panic if you have a mirror or reflective surfaces in your shower! Depending on how long you leave the shampoo and conditioner on for (3 minutes for the shampoo and 5 for the conditioner is my routine) the silver tones in your hair will be more or less pronounced.

A no filter hair selfie. Could have done with a brush, but let’s not nitpick

This Inoar duo isn’t just amazing from a colour-changing point of view but it also contains Argan oil to leave hair silky and conditioned. Even my bleached, damaged hair feels less dry and more manageable. These are R245 each or R490 for the duo, so you don’t save by buying the set unfortunately. But I think this is a good price for high-end shampoo and conditioner. There is also a mask in this range, which I haven’t tried but is R750, so more of an investment. Even the mask is purple, so you really get a double colour-enhancing whammy with this range. You can purchase Inoar products from their online store – delivery is quick and the courier company they use is really on the ball with updates.


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