Lindor will always be synonymous with being spoilt

This past weekend I was invited by Lindor to their Mother’s Day High Tea at the Table Bay Hotel in the waterfront. I brought my mom and my daughter with me for a day of absolute spoiling beyond most of my wildest dreams. From champagne, to mini manicures and massages on the terrace, to a full-on high tea with the most beautiful, artistic treats and a page-long tea menu, topped off with Lindor truffles and amazing hospitality, I left in the afternoon with the biggest smile on my face and a complete sense of well-being. I also felt slightly ill having consumed about 2kg of sugar, but it was worth it!

The whole emphasis was on ‘me time’ and that blissful moment when as a mom you’re able to be alone and put your feet up. It tied in really well with Lindor because you’re not likely to grab a Lindt ball and shovel it down while running out the house loaded with school bags, are you? I was so indulged at the high tea that Lindor truffles will forever be synonymous in my mind with being spoilt. When Mother’s Day rolls around in May I will definitely be adding a box of Lindor balls to my mom’s gift. I see what there did there. It’s sneaky subliminal programming.


My mom having her nails done on the terrace

I was just so impressed with the amazing friendliness and hospitality at the Table Bay. Despite the luxury there is such a welcoming, home-from-home atmosphere. Moo ran around happily on first name terms with the staff, who were so kind to her, fetching her a giant lollipop, setting her a tea table and loading takeaway boxes when she couldn’t keep her hands off the table of treats. Not many five star hotels are that child-friendly and I really appreciated it. So a big thank you and shout out to the amazing staff at the Table Bay who made Moo and myself fall in love with the place. I highly recommend their high tea in The Lounge – it is a thing of beauty. It’s R260 for the High Tea or R320 for the Tea Royale including a glass of champagne. You can book by calling +27 21 406 5988 or book online. I’ve also been to The Atlantic restaurant for dinner and the food is literally a beautiful work of art.


This rainbow cheesecake is the stuff of unicorn dreams

Thank you so much, Roxy and Lindor, for my ‘moment of bliss’. It was unforgettable.


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