Earthchild Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

It’s that time of year again! The time when Earthchild brings out their new range for a new season. This always fills me with excitement, even though the clothes don’t even fit me. I just live vicariously through the Moo. She’s still at the stage where she will wear whatever I pick out for her, so she sat down and relaxed while I picked out her winter wardrobe for 2016. But she gave it the thumbs up. The colours are wine, navy blue, the recurrent light grey and pale pink.

As usual it’s a refreshing change from the acid brights and cartoon characters which hurt my eyes in other stores. Most of my daughter’s clothes have been from Earthchild for the past five years for this reason, as well as the soft organic cotton being comfy and cosy, the brand being local and sustainable, and the really superior quality of the clothes.

Here is a look at the girls’ collection for autumn/winter this year and our top picks. The quilted boots were part of last year’s collection and the size I wanted was sold out, so I was thrilled to find them in store this year again, in both pale pink and grey. They are really stunning as well as practical. I also got a grey pinafore dress with a wine print on it but don’t have a picture handy. You can scroll over individual images for description and price.

I suddenly can’t wait for the cold weather to arrive – even though it will ruin my tan and make bodyboarding a chillier affair – just so I can mix and match outfits from this range for Moo every weekend!


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