Lancome Juicy Shakers are sheer enjoyment

Back when I started University I remember owning one or two of Lancome’s Juicy Tubes, the flavoured lip glosses which I seem to remember were all the rage at the time. Fast forward to 2016 and Lancome has taken inspiration from those (and a 1940’s lipstick shaped like a cocktail shaker) and seriously smartened up the concept to create their Juicy Shakers. While Juicy Tubes were more suited to high school/university students in their texture and packaging, Juicy Shakers are their more sophisticated sister.


They are packaged in luxe mini cocktail shakers, and you do have to give them a good shake to mix the pigment and the oils it contains. They are cute and novel, but I think the packaging is still high end and would appeal to women of all ages. The best thing about them is the cushion applicators which follow the cushion trend from Asia. The cone-shaped cushion looks like foam but definitely doesn’t feel like it. It is soft and bouncy on the lips and a pleasure to apply. The shape of the cushion also makes it easy to apply the colour just where you want it, even the inner corners of the lips.


There is a wide shade range but when I went to buy some they had eight shades available. Most of the colours look very bright, but these are very, very sheer tints, so don’t expect the colour in the tube to translate to the colour on your lips. If you prefer more matte, bright and opaque lip colours then these are not for you. If you like a sheer hint of colour or more natural makeup then they are definitely worth investigating. I picked out shades 252 Vanilla Pop (a chestnut rose) and 283 Berry in Love (a berry pink). Each shade has a different scent; mine are obviously vanilla and berry scented.


The peach kernel, sweet almond, cranberry and muscat rose oils in these Juicy Shakers deliver a serious dose of comforting moisture to the lips, making them perfect for winter if dry lips are your bugbear. They really feel more like a lip oil than a lip gloss, as they are soft and melt into your lips, not sticky, tacky or thick. In fact, on windy days your hair won’t even stick to your mouth. Winner.



Shaking or storing them upside down gets more colour into the sponge tip and you can build it up quite nicely. The only downside is that the colour doesn’t stay around for long, so it needs regular reapplying if you want to keep the tint.  I really enjoy these and am definitely considering one or two more shades. As I love low-key, less-is-more makeup most days these are ideal for me. They are so fun to use, feel great on the lips and the packaging is pretty. They are R270 each at Lancome counters.



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