Becca beach & eye tints

I keep banging on about ‘less is more’ lately, and I feel as if Becca is synonymous with natural and barely-there makeup. You can definitely glow all out with products like the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector and there are the bolds and brights, but if you visit Becca’s website you will see a lot of very natural looking, wholesomely flawless faces advertised. It is all so gentle and subtle it makes my heart sing.

I ordered one beach tint (for cheeks and lips) and two eye tints (for eyes, duh) to try out. I love cream products as they are so much more skin-like, and I’ve been wanting to try the beach tints for a couple of years. They come in little paint tubes that make me feel like a proper artist.


Eye tint in Baroque, Romanticism and Beach tint in Fig

I was very cautious in my first choice, and chose the shade Fig (R285) which is about the lightest and most nude-looking shade I could find. It’s a very light brown-toned pink which goes with pretty much anything. It is very sheer, so basically impossible to overdo. If you’re someone who can go a bit mad with the blush (been there, done that!) then this would be a great option. Even though it is very sheer and light it is visible on my fair skin and I find I don’t have to use very much. It applies quite wet but dries down. If you prefer products with a dewy texture then you might like it. If you prefer a more velvet matte finish then it might not be up your alley. I find it quite long lasting once it dries.


It really looks absolutely natural on my fair skin, as though I’m not wearing anything and I am blushing naturally… but strategically, not all over like I’ve done a 10km run.


The two eye tints I picked were Baroque and Romanticism (R285 each). Baroque is a warm toned light brown, which they describe as a mushroom beige. It has a more matte finish. Romanticism is described as a mauve bronze. It looks like a cool-toned mauve taupe on me. It is slightly metallic in finish and doesn’t wear quite as well as Baroque, but is still long lasting.


You literally need the blob of these on the back of your hand to do both eyes. I prefer to use a flat brush to apply them. They are also sheer, but you can get the best colour payoff by applying a layer, letting it dry, and then applying another layer on top. Once it dries it sets and both the beach tints and eye tints are water resistant aka very long wearing. I also like using them as a base and then adding a swipe of something sparkly over the top like a Dior fusion mono or Chanel Illusion d’Ombre to amp things up. But these are so quick and simple to apply  if you want to look a little more enhanced or put together than usual but don’t have time for complicated eye makeup. You could apply this with your fingers at a traffic light.


So in summary, yes, they are all quite sheer and natural-looking, but give the effect of having been on a healthy walk in the country sans makeup, rather than having been down the runway (or having just finished filming a YouTube tutorial…). Whether it is summer and you’re at the beach, or it is winter and you’re having a duvet day, these are perfect for no-makeup makeup days when you want to look artfully undone. I used Fig for my cheeks and lips and Romanticism for my eyes, a bit of mascara, and this was the overall look. Barely there, but you’d better believe I did not ‘wake up like this’. If you follow me on Snapchat you will know this is the #truth.





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