Babor turns cleansing into an experience

I’ve always been curious and fascinated about Babor and I was literally over the moon to win this Babor cleansing due from Lipgloss Kisses a while ago. When Germans create anything they do it right (my car is German and that thing is Sheer Driving Pleasure). Oils are also my favourite cleansing method, so this was a match made in heaven right off the bat. What a beautiful brand, inside and out. They only use renewable energy (wind power), encourage their staff to drive electric cars, are carbon neutral and never have or will test on animals.

This bi-phase cleansing due consists of HY-ÖL (R456), with hydrophilic plant oils like natural soybean, sesame and peanut oils, as well as quillaja extract (also known as soapbark) to assist with cleansing. The second product, the Phytoactive Base (R368), a detoxifying and refreshing herbal complex containing agrimonia eupatoria, an astringent, as well as mint, birch and rosemary. The Phytoactive Base is for dry skin, but also comes in versions for combination, sensitive etc. Fun fact: Agrimonioa Eupatoria is a plant said to have medical and magical powers since back in the time of the Romans.

You need to use the two in combination. First massage a pump or two of the HY-ÖL into your skin, then add a pump or two of the Phytoactive Base, wet your fingertips and massage in the milky emulsion it forms. Then just rinse off. It smells and feels like you’re having a very expensive facial in a spa. That is the best way that I can describe this cleanser. It feels like the ultimate luxury taking my makeup off at night and my skin doesn’t only feel great afterwards, it literally looks better than it did when I woke up that morning. They call it the ‘art of cleansing’ and it certainly is a sensory experience.

This is the best cleansing oil I’ve tried to date. It is the only cleansing oil which I can really rub into my eyes which doesn’t cause any cloudy vision, and it really removes all my makeup, even waterproof mascara. It is pricey for the combination, but it will last a long time and it just leaves my skin feeling so clean, soft and supple and it is so enjoyable to use that I will definitely repurchase it one product at a time.

Below is a video from Babor on their cleansing duo. If this doesn’t make you want to go wash your face nothing will! It really captures the how serene and relaxing the experience is and gives the background of the product. You can buy these Babor products online from their website.


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