A hair update | What I’ve done and what I’ve been using

For as long as I can remember having platinum hair was part of my identity. I have written quite a few posts where I mention that I don’t feel like myself unless my hair is as blonde as inhumanly possible. A while ago I decided to go back to my natural hair colour, and for the first time since finishing school I a) realised what my natural colour actually is and b) have been enjoying the freedom of not having to deal with bleach. I used a dark blonde tint which faded to my natural colour, and I don’t even see the regrowth.

I also got bored one weekend and chopped myself a fringe. I actually love having a fringe as it covers my enormous forehead and it’s a nice change. However, my DIY fringe cut with a pair of nail scissors might have been best left to the pro’s. Speaking of which…


…Recently I went to the launch of the NAK Aromas range at Stylebar in Tygervalley. NAK is a natural Australian brand and the Aromas shampoo and conditioner contain argan oil, lavender, patchouli and geranium which make them smell like… I’m not quite sure how else to describe it, other than using the products makes me feel like I have stepped into A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The brand has an outdoorsy, beachy, carefree vibe. I think the lavender flavoured mocktails, the NAK floral motifs and my sparkly, blonde-curled stylist at the event itself all conspired to make me forever associate NAK with fairy magic.

I have been using the NAK Aromas colour shampoo and conditioner. These are sulfate free and vegan friendly and smell amazing in a less artificial and somehow prettier way than some other shampoo scents. Even though the shampoo is sulfate free it foams really well (it has natural foaming agents) and leaves your hair really clean. Despite having quite dry hair prone to frizz the conditioner also works well, but is light and doesn’t weigh hair down. I still use a smoothing spray before blow drying. There is a blonde, a smooth and a curl range as well, so something for everyone including a men’s and styling range.

At the NAK event they used the blonde shampoo, smooth conditioner and ultimate potion on my hair, and you can see from the picture above how sleek my hair looks. People with boisterous hair might want to try the NAK Smooth range instead, but for me the colour range is great for home use. I love that this range is more gentle and natural than regular products but still delivers that salon-worthy result.

The highlight for me was the NAK Ultimate Potion which  restores moisture and protects from heat styling and UV. The actual product is glittery… could this secretly be fairy dust? I’ve recently used up my Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Beauty Balm and I’m very keen to get some of the Ultimate Potion to use after rinsing my hair at the beach during summer when the salt really dries out my hair. I can tell this will definitely be on my summer must-have list.


The shampoos, conditioners and the Ultimate Potion (part of the signature range) retail for R320 each. You can visit Retailbox to see and shop the products.

I’ve also tried a natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free hair dye lately, so I will spill the beans on that later this week.


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