Herbatint natural hair colour

To follow on my hair update, last week I changed my colour a bit and went darker using Herbatint, a natural, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly range of hair colour containing herbal extracts like aloe vera, witch hazel and meadowfoam. I chose shade 6N which is labelled as dark blonde because my previous tint had washed out so much and I quite liked the darker shade for winter.

I actually hadn’t heard of Herbatint before until Freebees sent me one to try. It’s an Italian herbal hair dye brand with 30 shades to choose from.Interestingly, you can mix shades in the amount you require and keep the rest of the unmixed formula for another application, so if you’re doing your roots or have short hair a box will last two applications. Mixing it yourself also means you can easily combine shades to customise the perfect one for you. Once mixed it forms a gel which you need to apply with a brush (not supplied). I just used my fingers because I didn’t have a brush on hand. I found the gel a little runny to work with, but a brush would have solved the problem of dripping it all over the place.


My only gripe is the shade naming or accuracy of the colour on the box picture. The colour does come out darker than the picture on the box and can’t really be described as dark blonde. And I know it isn’t just my hair, because I’ve since read a few reviews online stating the same. They do say if in doubt you should opt for a lighter colour, so perhaps that’s my bad. The colour was also quite one-dimensional. You might get a more natural range of tones with traditional or more sophisticated products, but I feel that the gentleness and mild scent of this product make up for it.

That being said, I was seriously impressed with how gentle this hair colour is. I could barely feel it on my scalp at all, besides a mild tingling in the very beginning. There was none of the burning sensation I am used to. In addition, that horrible eye-watering smell you normally get is totally absent as it does not contain ammonia. It has a very mild scent, and it smells nothing like traditional hair dye. Anyone who has a sensitive scalp or just plain hates that small that lingers in your hair, then you have to try this.

The box also comes with a shampoo and conditioner, which smell really good and actually work really well. I decided based on the almost black colour my hair was during processing (which scared me a bit) to leave it on for 30 minutes instead of the 45 recommended. My ‘after’ photo was taken after a rough blow dry, but after I had flat ironed my hair it was really shiny, soft and most importantly felt healthy. There was none of that stiffness or dryness which often comes along with box hair colour.

They retail for R180 a box and are available from www.naturescolours.com

Below is a list of shades available. I notice they have a platinum blonde which I may or may not be sneakily eyeing from the corner of my eye…

Herbatint shades


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