Taking a life detour, cooking and finding new inspiration from nature

If life is like a highway, I was motoring along until I decided the road was getting far too busy and I needed to pull over. I parked on the side of the road for quite a while, watched the world go by (more specifically I binge watched all three seasons of the Spanish TV series Gran Hotel on Netflix…), and then I noticed a much quieter road and decided to take a detour. By the way, I also highly recommend Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which I have developed quite the addiction to. The 1920s  makeup and her glowy highlighted cheekbones made me re-think my total lack of interest in makeup in the last few months.

The reason I’ve been away for so long was that I needed a break from the beauty world. Makeup wasn’t holding much appeal any more and I was feeling pretty uninspired.

And then all of a sudden I found inspiration in something completely different when I watched Michael Pollan’s series Cooked and started really thinking about how over-processed and over-complicated everything in life has become, just to make things more convenient or for instant gratification. Sometimes the best things are the simplest things, or things that take time and love to achieve, or things that embrace what nature has given us. Instead of arranging makeup for Instagram photos I’ve been growing my own tomatoes, and weirdly haven’t died from lack of contouring, lipstick or neutral eyeshadow palettes.

I used to think of cooking as a chore that needed to be done quickly, but I’ve really fallen in love with it. I’ve been baking my own sourdough bread instead of buying commercial bread. I just found it fascinating how wild yeast floating around in the air can turn flour and water into an amazing loaf of healthy, crusty bread! If anyone wants to know how I made my starter and the recipe I use please let me know in the comments.

One of my first sourdough loaf attempts

I’ve become excited by ingredients and fresh produce and how they can turn into something not only healthy but tasty too. Life in the slow lane has been really good for me in the last months and I finally feel a bit inspired. I have tried new beauty-related things too while I’ve been away and now I really feel like sharing my loves and loathes again.

So yes, I have been ignoring my blog due to work and ignoring social media for quite a long time because nothing I’ve been doing has been Instagram worthy. But so what? It has been delicious, inspiring, quiet and most importantly real life, #NoFilter.


6 thoughts on “Taking a life detour, cooking and finding new inspiration from nature

  1. Mariska - The Secret Board says:

    Glad you are back! I really missed your posts and gorgeous makeup looks on Instagram. I fully understand why you needed to take a step back. I am in a similar space the last few months and taking a break did me the world of good. PS: that bread!! xx

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Aw, thank you so much, seriously, because I also pretty much made up my mind that nobody reads my posts and I was wasting so many hours of my life having a conversation with myself! Haha. I’m still not sure how to balance things and best use my time, but I will be back from now and hopefully build up to a place I’m happy with. 🙂 xx

  2. Laura (Whimsy Is Forever) says:

    I love making bread but sourdough seriously intimidates me – well done, that loaf looks amazing! I haven’t been paid at all this year and so buying new makeup was the first thing to go, and I don’t really miss it at all, I have everything I need and the whole mentality of buy buy buy new new new is just exhausting.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      That is so true! The pressure to always have new makeup to blog about just drove me mad. I would rather use what I have and actually finish them before they expire! And I also didn’t want to keep writing about the same old stuff everyone is sent simultaneously either. Sourdough intimidated me too at first but it’s like nature’s miracle once it gets going!

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