Why your skin should be taking its vitamins

Most people think about vitamin C when they feel a cold coming on, but do you know that vitamin C in addition to being an essential part of your diet it is also your skin’s best friend?

Let me introduce you to the most exciting skincare launch of the year for me, Dermaceutic’s new TriVita C30, their top of the range vitamin C serum. Dermaceutic has become my everyday skincare brand this year and their products form the backbone of my skincare regime. If you want to read up some of my other reviews, I started with their Advanced Cleanser and Activ Retinol 1.0 serum and branched out to their Mask 15 (15% glycolic acid), then to their C25 antioxidant day cream and Light Ceutic night cream (8% glycolic acid). Their Hyal Ceutic fills in the gaps when I need some extra hyaluronic acid in my life. Now I’ve rounded off my regime with the missing piece of the puzzle, a 30% vitamin C serum.

img_0885What makes this vitamin C serum extra special? It contains three types of vitamin C to treat the surface and deeper layers of your skin. It also has the highest percentage available in the market. 

15% L-Ascorbic Acid protects the surface of your skin from UVB rays which cause pigmentation. The 14.5% Ascorbyl Silanol penetrates deeper into the skin and provides antioxidant and anti-aging benefits and 0.5% Ascorbyl Ester prevents collagen breakdown and the formation of melanin i.e. pigmentation. It also contains Ferulic Acid to boost the photo-protective actions of vitamin C and E.

I’m going over my notes from the launch and in retrospect all this scientific jargon is a bit confusing. But to sum it up, this vitamin C serum packs a punch and it really works. Vitamin C is difficult to stabilise and most serums decrease in efficiency over time as the vitamin C breaks down due to oxidation. After two or three months your serum might not be working as well as it did to begin with. The encapsulated form of vitamin C in this serum is stable over time, and it’s packaged in opaque and airtight packaging. It’s a light textured gel-serum which initially has a bit of that metallic vitamin C scent on application but this fades quite quickly.


What does vitamin C do for your skin exactly? Did you know smoking one cigarette takes 15mg of vitamin C from your body and starves your skin of oxygen for 4 hours? Scary. Even if you’re not a smoker there is constant irritation from pollution, and UVA and UVB rays are the biggest causes of skin aging. Without vitamin C your body can’t make collagen for repair and regeneration. The antioxidant protection from vitamin C is absolutely vital as will stop new pigmentation forming and help with collagen formation. Basically if you’re worried about premature aging, are already showing the signs of aging like pigmentation, wrinkles and dullness, you’re a smoker or are undergoing treatments like peels then you REALLY want a good vitamin C serum in your routine.

Ideally you should be using it day or night, and apparently if you have to pick one (because let’s face it, this stuff isn’t cheap) it should be at night because that is when your skin regenerates. I prefer to use it during the day as a first line of defence when I know I’m going to be exposed to sun and free radicals. I do try to use this at night two or three times a week as well, but I usually use my retinol serum at night and this every morning.


This is the premier product in their range and retails for R800, which is on the pricey side – but you really get the results pay for. I literally have a little savings fund started up for when I run out of Dermaceutic products, and specifically to repurchase this serum when it runs out.

I’ve also rounded up a few other vitamin C options to cover the price spectrum, the Body Shop’s skin boost being the most affordable at R230 and the REN Flash Rinse at R550 being mid-range (though not a serum). I’ve used the Flash Rinse and I can say from experience it really works at temporarily perking your skin up. I have also used the Body Shop serum in the past and liked it, although when it comes to potency and efficacy it doesn’t compare. I haven’t tried the Mario Badescu or SkinCeuticals serums but they are at R775 and R969 respectively, and at those prices I would personally rather save up for TriVita C30 because of the vitamin C percentage as well as the packaging. I don’t think the droppers are the way to go.


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