Capetonian chocoholics’ Christmas wish comes true… We have a Lindt boutique!

I’m afraid this isn’t hot off the press anymore, but the week before last I attended the opening of Lindt’s first Cape Town Lindt boutique in Canal Walk, and the news is very exciting! Especially now with Christmas around the corner having an entire shop full of Lindt chocolate means you now have a new one-stop destination for stocking up your Christmas stockings. And then when you need a pick-me-up on New Year, for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, your birthday and all those other weekends of the year when you need your Lindt fix…


There are some things exclusive to the Lindt boutique which you won’t find in other stores, and for the first time Mother City people get a Lindt ball pick ‘n mix – choose your favourite flavours and they will be weighed and packaged up for you. When I was there I noticed some Lindt truffle flavours I haven’t tried before, like almond and Irish Cream. I can’t wait to get back to Canal Walk this summer holiday and start shopping.

Lindt is like the Louis Vuitton of chocolates, they really know how to make you feel special and a bit like a VIP. I don’t get out in the evenings very often (read that as ever) and had such a wonderful evening being plied with delectable chocolate desserts, Lindt truffles and champagne. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a seriously sweet tooth, so it was a bit like a dream come true. The Lindt master chocolatier was there, with an enormous solid chocolate Lindt truffle sculpture he had created, and they even showed us how the truffles are filled and let us eat them before the filling had even set. Bliss.

The boutique is downstairs opposite the Woolworths entrance in Canal Walk, near my other favourites Earthchild and Lush, so perfectly positioned to become one of those ‘must-pop-into’ stores to indulge myself.


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