How to fake perfect skin with a little help from Dior


I seriously wanted to call this blog post “How to fake perfect skin the expensive way”. Dior never was your budget-friendly, pop-a-few-in-your-shopping-basket kind of brand, but with the exchange rate the prices these days are cringe-worthy. Nevertheless for the sake of science I kindly tested these two skin-perfectors out for you, so you know where to direct your 13th cheque if needs be. 🙂

Since I’ve been leaning towards lighter coverage and less made up looking skin *high five to Dermaceutic* I was out to try a new BB cream. I wanted one with a decent SPF of at least 30 so I decided on Dior’s Hydra Life Water BB Tinted Aqua Gel. This is what Dior says about it:

“For the 1st time at Dior, Hydra Life has created the new generation of water-based beauty treatments, combining the moisturizing power of Mallow with a natural colorant that is gentle on the skin. Upon shaking, the freshness of the water is revealed, delivering a feeling of intense comfort after application. The skin is gently hydrated while also protected from UV aggressors.

The natural radiance of the skin is sublimed 97%
The skin is more luminous 97%
The skin is immediately moisturized 87%
The skin is fleshier 87%”

Despite making me laugh out loud, who doesn’t want their skin “sublimed”, right?!!

Anyway, I wasn’t laughing out loud when this bloody expensive BB cream (circa R900) completely failed to work. I tried it again and again over my usual routine of skincare products, and then just paired with a serum, and every time it pilled, clumped, refused to blend in or absorb and just generally looked hideous. I was about to take it back to Dior and say, here you go, use this as a tester or something.

Then I tried it on clean skin without using any skincare underneath, and lo and behold it blended in effortlessly and looked fabulous. The coverage is light but adequate (I still need concealer on any red marks or dark freckles) and it feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin. It doesn’t feel tacky to the touch and it keeps my skin balanced, no oiliness around my T-zone or dry patches anywhere else. It really feels like a moisturiser, sunscreen and light coverage in one product, which is what a BB cream ought to do. Basically, it is a beautiful daytime BB cream for the summer. I just agonise over skipping my precious antioxidant-laden skincare regime beforehand, so I don’t use this every day. I save it for weekends or particularly hectic week days when I’m short on time. Price-wise it is mad, but then you only need very little and it should last a long time. So despite initially hating it, and wishing it would work WITH my skincare rather than against it, I do actually love this product when it’s on my face. It makes my skin look really nice.


Then Dior recently launched its new Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion. We’ve been hearing about cushions since they made their way out of the East and the concept in creeping into a variety of products. I am excited about the convenience and mess-free application it offers and I also have a disease which makes me want to try everything new that Dior comes up with regardless of whether I really need it or not. This is what Dior has to say about it:

“All the correcting and skin-perfecting power of Dreamskin within a portable compact to treat, enhance and protect your skin on the go. Upon application, its lightweight texture perfectly fuses with the skin to reduce the appearance of redness, shine and pores. The complexion is naturally fresh, radiant and luminous under all circumstances. Day after day, the skin and complexion are naturally and beautifully enhanced.”

First of all the SPF50 made me sit up and take notice. I’m always looking to up my SPF without having to use an additional sunscreen (something like step 5 in my skincare routine!). Secondly, perfect skin sounded pretty good to me. So I closed my eyes and handed over my debit card, and I’m quite pleased that I did. At R1,315 this is even more expensive than the BB cream. You do get a refill compact as well for this price, so each would work out about R650 on average, which is below the price of a regular Dior foundation.


When I popped into Dior I tried the Dreamskin Cushion on one half of my face and immediately saw the huge difference. It really does remove redness and shine, and reduces the appearance of pores. The coverage is very light, so if you have a lot you want to cover up then probably don’t bother spending the money. If you prefer a light coverage that looks completely natural then this is for you. This is meant to be used in the morning as the last step in your routine, and frankly you’re quite likely to just skip foundation and opt for a dab of concealer. It is also intended for touch-ups during the day, so if you are wearing foundation over it you can refresh it and touch it up quickly and conveniently during the day – boosting your SPF protection and perfecting your skin in one go. I never normally bother touching up my foundation, but the compact is so convenient to carry around in my bag and apply using the puff that I can do it in 5 seconds at a traffic light.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself (birthday coming up? Mine is, in self-defence) then this is worth a look.


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