Damaged hair?! A scary hairstory with a happy ending. Thanks Kerastase.

Blonde is a battle I’m always writing about, but never in the 15 years I’ve been colouring/highlighting/bleaching my hair have I had such a bad experience as I did about two months ago. I went darker for winter with Herbatint (you can read about that here if you’re looking for a natural hair dye) and decided I missed my blonde too much. I can’t look in the mirror and see my true self unless I’m blonde. So I booked at Partners for a full head of highlights and had an Olaplex treatment to protect my hair in the process. I was hoping that paying over R500 for a treatment would guarantee my hair would be in good shape afterwards, but I was bitterly disappointed.

Because the whole procedure took so long and I ran out of time I had to leave with damp hair (no blow dry). When it dried it was so frizzy you would have been forgiven for thinking I had stuck my finger in a plug socket. When I got home I brushed it and half my hair came off in the brush. My hair was breaking off in clumps. I had done it. I had officially destroyed my hair. Once and for all. Kerastase has a scale for classifying damage to hair, levels 1 and 2 being caused by things like too much brushing/flat ironing etc. and levels 3 and 4 being caused by chemical damage. I think I can safely say my hair fell into the ‘total destruction’ category.


The salon recommended Kerastase Bain Therapiste to me and I was so glad they did. I was willing to try anything and spend any amount to get my hair sorted out, so I jumped straight on to Retailbox and ordered myself the Bain Therapiste shampoo (R300) and the Soin Premier Therapiste conditioner (R360). This was a pricey combination after paying for the Olaplex etc., but from the first wash it was clear that it was money well spent! The conditioner is designed to be used first before shampooing, to protect the hair. You can feel a difference from regular conditioner in that it doesn’t leave hair feeling slippery. The shampoo has a  unique jelly-like texture which I find entertaining. Both products smell great (something I can’t help looking for in hair care) and without a doubt leave hair feeling stronger, less brittle and healthier. They are designed for very damaged and overprocessed hair, so anyone with “regular” damaged hair (just a bit too much heat styling etc.) might find the products too heavy. If your hair is truly fried, like mine was, they will become your new best friends. In the beginning I also used Joico K Pak Intense Hydrator after shampooing just to give my hair an extra moisture boost. The combination did wonders and within the first week I could see and feel a big difference to my scarecrow hair.


After being so impressed with these two I thought, well, in for a penny, in for a pound and bought myself the Therapiste Serum (R500). Retailbox’s blurb sold me on it:

“Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Serum transforms very damaged and over-processed hair to leave it hydrated, conditioned and healthy-looking. Ideal for thick, unruly hair, the treatment works as a repairing cream and binding serum to resurface hair and improve its structure. With amino acids and its unique FIBRA-KAP™ formula, the serum delivers heat protection up to 230°C to prevent split ends, minimises breakage and aids drying time so you can experience silky soft locks.”


This was just what my hair needed. For a few weeks I couldn’t even blow dry my hair for fear of damaging it any further, it was in such bad shape, but after I used this I actually flat iron my hair for a wedding without causing any damage. My hair felt smooth and strong and frankly in better condition than it was before those highlights. I honestly thought my hair would never feel soft again, and it actually does every time I use this. You can use it on damp hair before blow drying/styling or as a finishing serum.

This whole experience was a very expensive learning curve, but it was also my first foray into Kerastase beyond the Elixir Ultime, and I was very impressed. They’re not the most budget friendly brand but I feel the products honestly do work and are really worth the money. This particular range might not be your everyday shampoo, but for anyone else out there who is going through a bit of a hair nightmare, I can honestly recommend it. I’m pleased to report thank thanks to Kerastase my hair has had a happy ending.

*This is not a sponsored post and all the products I’m raving about were bought with my own hard earned money!


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