Stem cell sunscreen from Dermaceutic, Double Wear Nude Water Fresh SPF 30 and a whole new mall

I’m playing catch up here because none of the above are hot off the press exactly, but they’re pretty newish and, well, new to me specifically this month. At the end of September a new mall opened around the corner from me, Table Bay Mall, which they managed to sneakily build without my even noticing until a week before opening day. Shows how happy I’ve been in la la land. So people on the West Coast finally have an H&M on their doorstep, just in time for updating summer wardrobes, not to mention a Dunkin Donuts for those who don’t care that their summer wardrobes will be a size bigger than last year. Woohoo!

The mall is really nicely done and a breath of fresh air (all we had before was Bayside Mall, the mall where you can get basically nothing) but irritatingly some shops like Cotton On, Typo and Baskin Robbins aren’t actually open yet and there is still a major lack of decent cosmetics counters. I did see the Woolworths had a Stila and a Smashbox, which is quite nice. Better than a smack in the face. Ten points for the awesome toilets though, and the walls around the lifts are giant video screens playing undersea and panoramic Cape Town views.


Artist’s impression

Anyway, getting to the point, I recently ran out of foundation. I was looking for something new without having to schlep to Canal Walk for one of my favourites which aren’t available near at hand (hey Table Bay Mall, how about a Red Square at least?) and I happened upon a new iteration of Estee Lauder Double Wear, the Nude Water Fresh version with an SPF 30. Summer is around the corner after all, but more on the SPF front in a second. Excited to try it, I was a bit bummed when I got home and found they had given me the regular Double Wear in 2N1 desert beige, instead of the one I’d asked for. Not being a quitter I ordered the new one online along with some pump dispensers (more on that below). Apologies for the rubbish pictures, but frankly picture taking is one of the reasons I stopped blogging… I despise it.


If the regular Double Wear is like a black tie wedding then this version is like a lazy summer picnic. Last year around this time I did a review of the Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick which I really liked, except that I forgot it behind in a hotel over New Year. This is a thinner, more lightweight version of Double Wear but with a decent medium coverage. It’s less flat and matte and feels fresher on the skin. It takes longer to dry down but does. With the regular Double Wear I can feel it sitting on my face, whereas this version feels pretty weightless. It contains antioxidant red fruit extracts, including watermelon, lychee seed and apple, and costs R585, same as the regular Double Wear.

I was very excited to notice that the Estee Lauder online store now sells a pump for the Double Wear bottles, making life much easier. They are R50 on their online store. While it’s annoying that you have to pay extra for an essential part of the packaging, after so many years of trying to pour the foundation out of the bottle I was like, hell, I’ll take two! Which I did, as my regular Double Wear and my new Double Wear Nude now both have nice colour coordinated pumps.


Now, back to the summer and SPF theme. I’ve been using Dermaceutic for nearly two years now and my skincare shelf is basically one long line of Dermaceutic products from serums to moisturisers to mask to daily sunscreen. I really love the brand because they’re effective. As simple as that. They have a new formula of Sun Ceutic out, my everyday SPF50 sunscreen. The new version contains a stem cell stimulator, something I’ve never come across in a sunscreen before, as well as now being an SPF50+. Because Sun Ceutic also contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera it’s really soothing and moisturizing and whenever my T-zone is going through an oily phase I use this in place of my moisturizer, and when my skin is feeling dry I use it on top of my moisturizer. Basically it offers high protection for all skin types as well as anti-aging benefits. I guess sunscreen by definition is ‘anti-aging’ since sun exposure is the biggest cause of premature skin aging, but this actually has a stem cell stimulator to, and I quote, “accelerate epidermal restoration and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles”. Bonus.

It uses micro mineral filters, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and doesn’t contain oxybenzone for anyone who is reactive to it (like me).  It does go on a bit white and scary for a second, but quickly goes transparent and absorbs. And it is great under makeup, but leaves me looking a little dewy-faced when I apply and run – which might be a consideration if you’re oily and don’t wear foundation. Long story short, if you’re looking for a new facial sunscreen that is going to be good for your skin, this one is totally worth considering. It’s R620 available from Conquest and lasts for a long time because one pump usually does my whole face. If you’re in Cape Town mail or Jo’burg you can contact Sonette Donker from Skin ID to get your hands on some.


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