A new family member

This week I was going to do a review on Clinique’s new miscellar cleansing gel (will get to it next week) but we had a big event which overtook everything else. We have grown our family by one special four legged member! Now to round off the line-up of a geriatric incontinent Dalmatian, chubby Jack Russell who’s living her best thug life, and an escapee hamster we now also have a pony. 

Her name is Lucky. I really wanted to make a YouTube video of us surprising Moo with her new pony (those always make me teary!) but that critter is way too sharp to miss a trick, and pretty difficult to surprise. Nonetheless they’re busy making friends, while I, the bearer of the fly spray and deworming accomplice, am still under deep suspicion. 

The past week has been a roller coaster and a huge learning curve which frankly ended up with my rescue remedying myself to sleep at night and taking anxiety medication to try and get my heart rate down, but I truly hope Lucky is going to be happy and feel loved with us in her new home. 

I will be getting back to beauty related stuffs next week when I’ve mentally processed that my childhood pony dreams have finally come true… and washed all this carroty equine slobber out of my hair.


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